J Yu Statement

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Dr Jonathan Yu is a research computer scientist specialising in information architectures, data integration, linked data, Semantic Web, data analytics and visualisation. He is part of the Environmental Informatics group in CSIRO Land and Water. He obtained his PhD in Requirements-oriented Methodology for Ontology Evaluation at RMIT University in 2008.

He currently leads and supports the development of new approaches, architectures, methods and tools for transforming and connecting information flows across the environmental domain and the broader digital economy within Australia and internationally.

He co-developed, maintains and implements tools for enabling data integration in particular using Semantic Web technologies, Linked Data approaches, online vocabularies and vocabulary services including SISSVoc and the CSIRO Linked Data Registry through the CSIRO enviro-informatics Github repository.

His particular research interests include:

  • Development of methods and tools to streamline information supply chains,
  • Application of ontologies and controlled vocabularies, Linked Data, and Semantic Web technologies for enabling data exchange and interoperability
  • Design and implementation of information architectures
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Data analytics and visualisation
  • Use of User-centered design and implementation for scientific information challenges

Jonathan has been leading activities to apply OzNome principles to research challenges:

  • lead developer for the CSIRO Network tool (previously known as Australia At Your Service),
  • project lead for the OzNome for Land and Water project
  • netCDF Linked Data (netCDF-LD) tech lead