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From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Meeting Notes - Data Stewardship Committee - 2017-09-18 2 p.m. EST / 12 p.m. MST / 11 a.m. PT

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  • United States: +1 (408) 650-3123
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Attendees: Nancy Richey, Shannon Leslie, Aaron Sweeney, Heather Brown, Philip Jones, Corinna Gries, Justin Goldstein, Bruce Caron, Matt Mayernik, Sophie Hou


1) ESIP Program Committee update / budget request update

  • Budget requests have not yet been approved yet; they are likely be additional updates by the end of September.
  • The Data Stewardship Committee as well as other committees/clusters have asked for travel support.
  • ESIP is looking for ways that attendees who are supported by ESIP would be able to provide reports back to the community.
  • ESIP Lab’s call for proposals is currently open.
  • Data Stewardship Committee members are welcome and encouraged to share ideas via the listserv.
  • Call for Sessions for ESIP Winter Meeting 2018 is also open.

2) Summer 2017 meeting recap

  • Matt: Data Rescue
  • The session invited panelists to discuss their experiences/activities, and suggestions for additional coordination/collaboration.
  • For example, the definition of “data” and “at risk” could be further defined/clarified.
  • If we (the Data Stewardship Committee) were able to define/clarify some of the key terms, we might also be able to help in prioritizing the “data” that might need rescuing.
  • From the trusted repository standards/criteria’s perspectives, “risk” is often defined as technical/security challenges (e.g. migration, backup, recovery through nature disasters).
  • There are different types of “risks”. Different types of rescue efforts might be needed accordingly.
  • Ambiguity in ownership/stewardship
  • Deterioration of physical media
  • Loss of access points
  • Lack of documentation/metadata
  • Intentional removal/deletion of data
  • Sophie: Usability Cluster
  • Did a working session, worked through the usability testing framework.
  • Asked a cluster member to go through the framework, tested the RMap technology.
  • Emily Law helped the cluster connect with other groups in JPL to use the framework
  • JPL is developing portals for public to learn more about JPL research areas (e.g. Mars)
  • JPL hasn’t done much usability testing in past, so this requires some new workflows, define key areas of the technology to test, define personas, tasks
  • Did a test run during the last Usability cluster call
  • Bruce: Seeking feedback on the plenary talk

3) ESIP 2018 winter meeting ideas

  • Idea 1: (Based on the experience with viewing the "Chasing Coral" film) What data and level stewardship would be conducive to outreach?

4) Update from Rama on ISO standard development

  • Postponed to the next meeting.

5) Discussion of new AGU grant

  • How to connect data to journal articles that are published?
  • ESIP will be helping in facilitating/supporting some of the meetings for this grant.

6) Sessions of interest / news on December 2017 AGU meeting

  • Ignite at AGU - the call for talks is not yet available, but people are encouraged to start thinking about potential topics.

7) Additional topics:

  • Meeting agenda for next month will include Rama’s talk on ISO standard and a talk from USGS CDI coordinator.
  • Call for ESIP nominations will be available soon; please feel welcome to self-nominate for the available positions.
  • For questions or further information, please contact