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From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Meeting Notes - Data Stewardship Committee - 2017-06-19 2 p.m. EST / 12 p.m. MST / 11 a.m. PT

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Attendees: Matt Mayernik, Sophie Hou, Andrea Thomer, Nancy Hoebelheinrich,Vicky Wolf, Jamie Collins, Shannon Leslie, Erin Robinson, Mark Parsons, Justin Goldstein, Paul Lemieux, Grace Peng, Robert Downs, Nancy Ritchey


1) ESIP Program Committee debrief

  • Matt: Committee is asking for budgets from all committees & groups, to be submitted in August. Start thinking about budget items & ideas; send to Matt.
  • Justin will send Matt a copy of last year’s budget.
  • Erin: Data Management Training Working Group could have a separate budget from the Data Stewardship Committee.

2) Pre-print cluster recap

  • New ESIP cluster on pre-prints: Matt reports he has been attending.
  • ESIP could be involved in managing/developing, particularly if there’s linking to data archives involved.
  • Question from Nancy: What kind of information could be submitted/relevant to the pre-print server?
  • Answer: The Cluster is developing the strategy/approach, but from AGU’s point of view, posters could be submitted to such a server (Brooks Hanson from AGU was present at the cluster meeting).
  • Some discussion of status of pre-prints vis-a-vis manuscripts submitted to/published in traditional journals; whether something is considered “published” depends on the scientific discipline and the journal publisher.
  • Open and rapid distribution would be a key goal/benefit for leveraging the pre-print server.

3) Feedback from other recent meetings

  • EarthCube status; report-outs from recent call
    Still some discussion/debate on EarthCube’s status and how money is being spent
  • Report-outs from Belmont Forum breakout group meeting in Austria
    Nancy: e-Infrastructures for Data Management breakout group; several DS Cluster folks contributed to actionable outcomes document
  • Nancy encourages input from ESIP folks:
    Actionable Outcomes from Belmont Forum Data Skills Curricula Development Workshop:
    Nancy has started a Google doc to collect ESIP feedback:
    Deadline for submitting suggestions to the actionable outcomes: June 28th, 2017, so Nancy would like feedback by the morning of June 27th
    Question from Erin: Would Belmont Forum be willing to help in funding the Data Management Training Clearinghouse and related activities?
    Answer: Nancy has not had the opportunity to look into the opportunity, and she would be happy to help in investigating.
    Additional comments:
    Mark: Belmont Forum is a collaboration of research agencies. There are several initiatives with Belmont Forum. Education, including data management training, is one of the key areas. There might be calls that the Data Management Training Working Group might be able to leverage, but the calls might not be coming out soon. Nevertheless, Belmont Forum would like to contribute to the data management activities in a relevant and productive way.
    The Data Management Training Clearinghouse came up during the Belmont Forum workshop discussions. Mark would recommend that we get the Clearinghouse available/ready as a training resource.
    Erin: Barron Orr, co-director of the e-infra program will be at ESIP this summer.
    Matt recommends that if people have feedback, we should send them to Nancy so that she could help in consolidating and communicating the committee’s suggestions.

4) Cluster poster for summer meeting

  • Need to revise cluster poster in preparation for next meeting
  • Will feature cluster accomplishments, goals, activities, etc.
  • Sections to update:
    Key activities:
    Can likely take this from Strategic Plan
    Proposed “highlights”:
    Data Management Training Clearinghouse
    Hills, et al. Provenance paper; provenance in general:
    Hills DJ, RR Downs, R Duerr, JC Goldstein, MA Parsons, and HK Ramachandran. 2015. The importance of data set provenance for science. Eos 96doi:10.1029/2015EO040557.
    Coordination of response/white paper to data rescue movement (including EOS article)
    Justin, Matt, et al.’s “20 Years of Persistent Identifiers” paper
  • Jamie will update once feedback is received; please make comments/suggestions as specific as possible

5) EOS data rescue white paper update

  • Data rescue white paper has been submitted to EOS; Matt is awaiting feedback

6) Advertisements for DS-relevant ESIP summer meeting sessions

  • Sophie: The RMap team will be conducting user studies for RMap's services at the Summer Meeting; interested participants should contact Sophie
    Breakout session on Wednesday, July 26, 4pm
    Will be soliciting for testers throughout the meeting; if anyone is interested, Sophie can pass your info along
    Testers will be evaluating/providing comments on a mockup of the eventual production-level system
    Usability Cluster’s test framework will be a part of the development process
    No date/timeframe has been established for participating in the testing yet, but the team will contact you if you’re interested
  • Matt: "Data Rescue" & ESIP, Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.; will include panel discussion
  • Nancy: DMT Clearinghouse session, Friday at ~ 9:30
  • Matt/Sophie’s session on repository certifications: Thursday at 11:00
    Why certify? What are benefits for certification?
    Bob, Shelly, others, participating
  • Peter Fox/Mark Parsons: Cognitive Computing session, “Users, meet your observations. Observations, meet your users. Mediation: a role for cognitive computing?”
    Thursday, July 27 11am
  • DS cluster business meeting: Final session, 11:30 on Friday morning
    Open agenda as of right now; topics could include data-publication linking
    Matt is looking to solicit feedback on some topics that ended up in this year’s DS Cluster Strategic Plan:
  • Information Quality cluster: Will be holding session Wednesday morning after plenaries
  • Plenary panel: Carol Anne Clayson, Isla Simpson (NCAR) and Amy Braverman (JPL).

7) We will not have a TELECON in July due to meeting