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From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Meeting Notes - Data Stewardship Committee - 2017-03-20 2 p.m. EST / 12 p.m. MST

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Attendees: Matt Mayernik, Bruce Caron, Shelley Stall, Sophie Hou, Rama, Tamar Norkin, Vicky Wolf, Ruth Duerr, Madison Langseth, Heather Brown, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Bob Downs, Jamie Collins


1) ESIP ExCom Program Committee update

  • ESIP has finished its restructuring process, now a single organization with a single governance structure
  • Not likely to affect DS committee in major way
  • Bruce Caron has really started to push Slack ESIP-wide
  • #stewardship channel on ESIP-All Slack:
  • Jamie: Slack could be helpful to cut down the number of emails sent and communicate with team members who are geographically distributed.
  • Ruth: Will second Jamie's feedback. Ruth has also found it useful to coordinate collaborative efforts. Ruth pointed out that updates to the citation guidelines would be a good test case. Ruth has also found that Slack integrates well with Google Drive.
  • Question from Sophie/Rama: Does ESIP Program Committee have funding to bring outside speakers in for summer meeting (speakers other than plenaries)?
  • Matt: The answer right now is no, for speakers other than plenary speakers, but Annie Burgess communicated that this may change going forward (stay tuned)
  • Change is not likely to take effect before the upcoming Summer Meeting

2) Finalization of the 2017 DS Committee Strategic Plan

  • From Program Committee call: Matt/Jamie/Sophie need to relate DS Committee Strategic Plan objectives to objectives/goals in the overall ESIP 2015-2020 Strategic Plan (minor task)
  • Regarding DS plan objective #4: Sophie reports that Soren Scott was already able to finish a draft of the Software Guidelines; she is looking for feedback from various committees/clusters within ESIP
  • This means that DS committee shouldn’t be working "from scratch" on the 4th objective in our plan
  • Jamie will circulate a link to a revised final plan once these changes have been incorporated

3) Call for DS-related sessions at 2017 ESIP Summer Meeting

  • Deadline is April 10 for session proposals
  • Sophie relates an announcement for Rama from Information Quality Cluster: Emphasis for this year for IQ cluster is to expand collaborations with other clusters and committees; this applies to DS cluster in particular
  • IQ cluster is planning a panel which will address how uncertainties in data will influence perceived trustworthiness in science
  • DS committee members with ideas for the panel should get in touch with Sophie
  • Goal is to hack together use cases, best practices, ontologies, etc for drone applications. We want to encourage "match-making" between people with drone interests/expertise in different clusters and practice areas
  • Interested: Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Heather Brown, Sophie Hou
  • Email Andrea for more info/if you want to help write the workshop call:
  • Nancy Hoebelheinrich: Crowdsourcing event for people to add content to the Data Management Training Clearinghouse, including providing feedback regarding user experience with the Clearinghouse
  • Sophie reports that there are some outreach/testing efforts in progress to gauge effectiveness of the clearinghouse offerings with various audiences
  • The two confirmed venues are: e-Science Symposium and RDAP; we have an abstract submitted to USGS CDI Meeting, and if accepted, the Meeting will take place in May. Another possibility is DataONE's Users Group Meeting that will co-located with ESIP Summer Meeting.
  • Sophie notes that we haven’t had a "business" type report-out/planning session for the DS committee; maybe we should have one this summer?
  • Matt will run to ground to see what best practices/requirements are

4) Should there be a ESIP/data center response to or recommendation for "data rescue" projects

  • Would require a somewhat rapid response
  • Matt notes that there haven't been many comments in any of the articles/news coverage about these efforts from data centers/people who are actually holding the data
  • Matt has developed a draft document/article with some guidelines and best practices, based on some recent email traffic/discussions at NCAR:
  • Question is whether releasing/publishing such a document would be timely enough (since many of these data rescue efforts are already in progress/planned for very near future)
  • Comments from attendees:
  • Ruth: Posting the initial draft as well as connecting the resource with different communities as quickly as possible would help.
  • Andrea Thomer: How about an EOS article or a PLOS "10 Simple Rules" submission?
  • Shelley: Wired might also be another possibility for reaching a wider community (outside of Earth sciences)
  • Nancy: Important to distinguish between archiving of Web sites and archiving/rescue of data; also important to retain/promulgate the references which Matt has already included in his draft
  • Danie: Prioritizing risk is an important point to discuss in our response. Actually, this needs to be very nearly the first point to make...
  • Matt said he appreciates all the comments/suggestions and encourages anyone with any other ideas/desire to contribute put their names below
  • Interested: Heather Brown, Natalie Meyers, Sophie Hou, Ruth Duerr, Nancy Ritchey, Andrea Thomer, Shelley Stall, Jamie Collins, Danie Kinkade, Bob Downs

5) Committee interest in determining whether the Data Management Training Working Group should be an official working group of the Committee?

  • Nancy: Advantage of being a formal Working Group of the DS committee would allow committee to make (minor) formal requests for funding of the DMT development/publication effort
  • Matt: If formalization would raise visibility of the effort, this would be another reason to create the WG
  • Natalie reports that the ESIP Constitution requires WGs to have a finite duration and specific task; if these are satisfied, the WG be created by a committee (doesn't require an overall ESIP vote)
  • Nancy will come up with a timeline/more concrete proposal for creation of the WG

6) Other business

  • Sophie relates another announcement from Rama on PCCS: ISO 19165 is in draft form and pending approval; seeking additional input