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From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Meeting Agenda - DS Committee - 2015-10-19 2PM EDT.

Link to webex:

Passcode: 23138372

Telecon: 1-877-668-4493 Access Code: 23138372

Attendees: Justin Goldstein, Curt Tilmes, David Moroni, Bob Downs, Denise Hills, Ge Peng, Greg Janee, Matt Mayernik, Rama, Sarah Ramdeen, Shannon Rauch, Shelley Stall, Tamar Norkin, Madison Langseth, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Natalie Meyers, Reid Boehm, Nancy Ritchey, Scott Hausman, Heather Brown, Sophie Hou, Anne.

Action Items:

1) Send out notes from Erin regarding 3rd Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science Practice and Experiences (WSSSPE3).

2) Create a wiki page so that the Data Stewardship Committee members could share ideas for session proposals.


1. ExCom Update:

a. Call for submission to Ignite@AGU - people who are interested should see the instruction/more info at this link:
b. ESI Foundation Meeting.
i. RDA Plenary Meeting discussion.
ii. Student Fellows - 19 applications for Class of 2016 (potential 8 to 10 positions available).

2. Meeting Report Out:

a. 3rd Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science Practice and Experiences (WSSSPE3) (September 28-29; Boulder, CO) - Erin
i. The notes from Erin will be forwarded to everyone via the ESIP listserv.
b. Data Management Training Clearinghouse - Nancy
i. USGS Community for Data Integration (CDI) RFP Submission (Due: October 9th)
1. The current clearinghouse proposal is focused on Earth science.
2. Statement of Interest has been submitted.
3. The voting for the proposal has started.
4. The clearinghouse proposal is currently focused on cataloging different data management resources. The data management resources will be structured based on USGS’ scientific data lifecycle model.
5. The resources are aimed to be tagged using, so that the resources will be more discoverable in the web environment.
6. The project is planned to be 6-months in duration.

3. RDA Sixth Plenary Meeting Recap - Sarah Ramdeen:

a. Focused on three sessions:
i. Talk by French Minister for Technology.
1. Laws in France versus memo in the U.S.
ii. Identifier sessions - Mark would be able to provide further information as well.
iii. Convergence of archives and data management practices.
1. Archivists and librarians are becoming more active data management partners, and they would like to learn more about the skills and tools available.
iv. Mendeley - allowing dataset to be shared and have identifiers.
2. Sarah R. could help in putting people who are interested in Mendeley Data in contact with the development team.
3. Question from Matt: How would Mendeley Data be different from other current systems, such as FigShare and California Digital Library’s development?
4. Question from Nancy: How long will Mendeley Data keep/preserve the data?
  • These are questions that need further discussions with the development team - Sarah will help in putting Matt/Nancy in touch with the team.
v. Structure for physical data.
b. From Natalie:
i. RDA 6th plenary Repository Platforms for Research Data session overview:
ii. RDA 6th plenary Repository Platforms for Research Data: Collection of use cases: Get template here:

4. ESIP Winter Meeting Potential Sessions:

a. If specific room size is needed, the request needs to be made.
b. Winter meeting page with currently submitted sessions:
c. We need a way to improve the coordination of session proposals since there are many topics that would be relevant to Data Stewardship and Preservation.
i. Aligning with strategic plan would be one way to coordinate the session proposals.
d. Potential session suggestion from Rama: Guest speaker regarding crowd-sourced science/citizen science.

5. David Moroni (JPL) discussion - 20 mins + 15 min QA (email: david DOT f DOT moroni AT jpl DOT nasa DOT gov)

a. Title: PO.DAAC Metadata Best Practices and Vision Beyond 2015 (To access the complete presentation file: File:Podaac metadata esip ds committee 10192015 moroni.pdf).
b. PO.DAAC = Physical Oceanography Distributed Active archive Center (
i. Providing data management/stewardship, data access, and science information services.
c. Variety of Data Holdings:
i. NASA missions & projects, ocean & climate community driven (value-added datasets in support of NASA programs).
1. Example of impact: hurricane forecast, strengthening synergy between related sciences.
d. Variety of Data Formats:
i. 75% of the public-domain datasets is interoperable and self-describing (e.g. netCDF and HDF).
e. Metadata Standards:
i. Using different kinds of standards on the dataset/collection (ex: ISO 19115) versus granule/file level (ex: CF).
ii. Aiming to implement consolidated metadata repository and ISO 19157.
iii. Communicating with ESIP and ESDWG (Earth Science Data System Working Group).
f. Metadata Harvesting: Dataset/Collection:
i. Involving submission agreement, and data management and archiving system (DMAS).
g. Metadata Harvesting: Granule:
i. Storing in DMAS.
h. Data Quality and Interoperability are supported, such as ISO 1915 and OPeNDAP.
i. Additional projects beyond 2015:
i. Online dataset/collection metadata submission form.
ii. Granule/file metadata editor.
j. Data Best Practices:

6. Other topics:

a. From Natalie: MPSOpenData workshop Nov 19-20 in Arlington, VA seeking discipline specific responses from Mathematical and physical sciences research communities (

7. Adjourn

Next meetings: Monthly Telecon, November 16.