Interagency Data Stewardship/LifeCycle/Preservation Forum/TeleconNotes/2015-09-21meetingnotes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

1. ExCom update (Denise)

- Discussion of Semantic Technologies Committee
- If you are the voting rep, look out for that email about the Semantic Technologies promotion
- Upcoming Visioneers Call
- Notes will be posted from ExCom

2. Meeting Recap:

a. ESIP Data Stewardship Committee Paper on Identifiers (August 12th/September 8th)
i. Preliminary paper outline available.
b. Information Quality Cluster (August 13th)
i. Use case solicitations:
Rama: Develop use cases for IQ. Following the methodology from ESDSWG analyzing 16 use cases. Trying to get more people involved. Notes are in extended Google Doc.
c. Data Management Training (September 3rd)
- DMT on September 3rd, notes here:
- Madison from USGS informed about a funding opportunity from USGS. Tamar Norkin (USGS) will be helping and acting as a PI on the grant we are writing for the clearinghouse concept.
- Application process: Submit a Statement of Interest, submit a full proposal if given the go ahead (find out next March).
- Meeting scheduled for this Thursday
- Here is the link that people should go to for self-subscription to the esip_dmtraining listserv or they could email Nancy and I can add them: and

3. Student Fellow Updates:

a. Data management training modules comparison project.
- Matt (NCAR): Sophie proposed as FUNding Friday. Comparison of DMT modules. Sophie is doing a topic by topic comparison. How does this help the next iteration of the ESIP short course materials.
- How are different types of organizations promoting data management. Sophie will present final results at ESIP Winter Meeting. Putting together abstract for International Digital Curation Conference.
- Sophie will have as a deliverable, recommendations.

4. Discussion:

a. Citizen Science
- www to scope:
- Digital Sky Survey
i. What are some of the key questions that would be appropriate for us to explore?
- Rama posed Qs at the Summer Meeting:
  • Should the Committee get involved in this topic?
- Ruth: DMT should include some citizen science component
- Bob: Identify where the DS committee could weigh in.
- (Rama: ethical, data quality)
  • What should agency responsibilities be when they encourage citizen science?
- When soft release of Federal Community of Practice comes out, there will be a comment period that DS could weigh-in on.
  • What requirements should be placed (after all, it is generally a voluntary effort)?
  • What quality assurance processes should be used?
  • What of the collected data should be preserved?
  • What should the processes be to decide what is preserved?
  • Who should preserve?
  • What will be open, what will be proprietary?
  • What processes would be used for publishing data?
ii. Examples of other federal agencies that are involved with Citizen Science development:
1) USGS’ Community for Data Integration currently has a Citizen Science Working Group (
Madison Langseth: There is a Citizen Science working group (sort of active). Most of their work takes place under the Federal Community of Practice for Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science (FCPCCS). The FCPCCS has a Federal citizen science guidebook coming out. It’s a how-to guide for folks considering employing citizen volunteers in their research project. It is really aimed at feds, but it will be a public website. Soft launch is set for the end of this month, then working out any of the bugs, and it should be up and running in October. Madison will try to forward the link when it is available.
Federal Community of Practice for Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science
2) NIH also has a Citizen Science Working Group.
3) USFWS will provide a “Citizen Science Framework to meet Research, Management, and Citizen Engagement Conservation Goals​” (
4) NOAA successfully partnered with the Citizen Science Alliance to implement where the public has helped classify tropical cyclones from historical imagery data.

Action Item:

Review what documentation/guidance already exists on this topic and decide if ESIP-generated guidance document would be appropriate.

5. Any Other Business

- Ruth: Dynamic citation report status. There is an outline of what the report should look like. Ruth is looking for a ~half to one page summary from breakout groups.

6. Adjourn