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From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Meeting Agenda - DS Committee - 2015-06-15 2PM EDT

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Link to webex:

Passcode: 23138372

Telecon: 1-877-668-4493 Access Code: 23138372

Attendees: Justin Goldstein, Sophie Hou, Ge Peng, Soren Scott, Curt Tilmes, Rama Ramapriyan, Tamar Norkin, Phil Jones, Ruth Duerr, Denise Hills, Matt Mayernik, Madison Langseth, Viv Hutchison, Sarah Ramdeen, Vicky Wolf, Heather Brown, Corinna Gries, Anna Milan, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Anne

Action Items:

1) Viv - To provide confirmation to Ruth regarding the USGS data publication guidance for social science/cultural datasets.

2) Data Management Short Course authors - Please let Nancy H. know if you will be available to attend the “Planning for Next Season's Data Management Short Course Episodes!” ( on Tuesday, 7/14, during lunch time.

Important Announcements:

1) Next meeting: ESIP Summer Meeting, July 14 - 17

2) Our August meeting is canceled, next telecon will be in September.

3) There are 3 telecons left in this calendar year (September 21st, October, 19th, and November 16th). Those interested in presenting or proposing ideas should contact Justin and Sophie. Content can also be accommodated through the scheduling of additional telecons such as that which we convened for the Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix and Sophie’s presentation.


1. ExCom update (Denise):

a. Update was provided for the ESIP strategic plan; the plan will be available for public comment by summer meeting.
b. Nomination for leadership/award/chair positions will be open around Summer Meeting time frame.

2. Presentation USGS Data Publication (Viv) - 20 mins + discussion: Media:Hutchison1_ESIP_061515.pdf

a. USGS Instructional Memorandum - Subject: Scientific Data Management Foundation can be accessed via the following link:
b. Open Data Initiatives:
i. Executive Orders.
c. USGS Instructional Memos:
i. To support the Federal Open Data Initiatives.
d. Scientific Data Management Foundation:
i. First of the four instructional memos.
e. Metadata for Scientific Data, Software, and Other Information Products:
i. Second of the four instructional memos.
ii. All data approved for release must be accompanied by standardized metadata (use FGDC or ISO standards, contain digital object identifier, shared through Science Data Catalog, be robust/meaningful/complete, be updated to reflect changes and ensure links are viable, and reviewed for quality of content/standards compliance).
f. Review and Approval of Scientific Data for Release:
i. Open Data Policies.
ii. USGS releases both approved and provisional data.
iii. Approved data must:
1) be assigned a persistent identifier, accompanied by citation, and accompanied by FGDC or ISO standard metadata.
iv. Two reviews: one each for data and metadata.
v. Data must be managed and distributed through a data system to ensure long term preservation, discoverability, accessibility, and usability.
vi. Most data approved for release is approved by the Science Center Director or his/her designee.
g. Preservation Requirements for Digital Scientific Data:
i. Provides elements of data preservation and the expectation of scientific data produced as a result of USGS funding.
h. Workflow Example for Data Release:
i. The workflow has been presented at the 2015 ESIP Winter Meeting.
i. Tools for Aiding Data Release:
ii. Tools for data management plans, documentation tools, ScienceBase as data release option, Science Data Catalog, and Frequently Asked Questions.
j. USGS Community for Data Integration:
ii. community of practice that is open to all.
iii. Provide funding as well thru RFP process.
k. Questions from attendees:
i. How does this process apply to the social science and local/traditional/cultural knowledge related to the scientific datasets?
1) Viv will need to double check.
2) The main motivation for this question is to confirm the confidentiality/privacy protection practices and ethical guidance for the USGS datasets.
ii. Is the metadata/data review process documented in the policy in details?
1) Viv can help point people who are interested in this information to the right resource.

3. Other business:

a. Funding opportunities discussions.
b. Current and future peer-reviewed publication opportunities.
i. Notes for both items a. and b.:
1) Publication opportunities should be for the next 6 months.
2) Rama: Update on comparing the implementations of different data identification styles.
3) Ruth:
a) Paper to discuss the different identifications that might still be needed.
b) Also, the identifications for different web services.
c) Possibly-related conference proceedings paper :
4) Peng:
a) Roles and responsibilities for ensuring usability based on maturity matrix..
b) Presentation of use case studies for the maturity matrix.
i) A summary of the maturity matrix’s application to datasets in general.
ii. Please update the publication leaders if you are interested in partaking in the projects listed above.

4. Student Fellow Updates:

a. Poster at ESIP Summer Meeting: Framing Attribution and Acknowledgement Content for Scientific Data: Preliminary Matrix and Schema (
b. ESIP Data Management Short Course for Scientist article accepted for publication with Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship.
i. The link to the final, published version of the article will be sent out at a later time.

5. Reports:

a. iSamples (Sarah) - 5 - 10 mins including discussion
i. iSamples is part of EarthCube’s effort.
ii. iSamples has 5 working groups.
iii. Sarah will be presenting a session at ESIP Summer Meeting regarding iSamples activities.
1) Each of the 5 working groups will present regarding their experiences and objectives.
iv. Sarah is particularly interested in identifying institutions/organizations that could help improving data workflow for physical items with digital connections.
v. Questions:
1) How are use cases collected for iSamples?
- Interviews have been planned; however, requirements for IRBs need to be reviewed.