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Meeting Agenda and Notes - DS Committee - 2015-02-06 3PM EST

(full notes from Planning Session at ESIP Winter Meeting 2015:

(Link to the Notes in Google Doc format)

Link to webex: Passcode: 23138372

Telecon: 1-877-668-4493 Access Code 23138372

1. Introductions: Justin Goldstein (chair, and Sophie Hou (student fellow,

a. Justin works at the US Global Change Research Program as a UCAR employee and is working on the Global Change Information System (GCIS).
b. Sophie is 2015 ESIP fellow for the Data Stewardship group. She is a second year Master of Library and Information Science student, specializing in data curation for scientific data, with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2. Logistics:

a. Scheduling future meetings (Sophie)
i. Schedule meeting: Monday or Friday - Second or Third week for the month first for the people who signed up for February (open poll for a week) then open the poll for the rest of the group (open poll for another week).
b. Anything else
i. None.

3. PROV-ES presentation by Dr. Hook Hua (JPL)

a. Please the “Additional Notes” section below.

4. Status Update / Reports:

a. Dynamic Data Citation Workshop (Ruth)
i. See notes at
ii. Ruth will also help provide a summary report.
b. Earth Cube Council of Data Facilities (Ruth)
  • Mission
  • Provide a collective voice on behalf of the membership data facilities to the NSF and other foundation and associations
  • Identify, endorse and promote stands and best of exemplary practices in the organization and operation of a data facilities
  • Collaborate with standard setting bodies with respect to shared feedback on standards for data, models, software sharing interoperability, metadata and related matters
  • Identify opportunities for and support the development and utilization of shared cyberinfrastructure, professional staff development and training, and other related activities
  • Foster innovation through collaborative and interdisciplinary projects
  • Increase engagement of relevant stakeholders
  • Leadership
  • Mohan Ramamurthy (Chair)
  • Chris Lenhardt (Vice-Chair)
  • Paul Foster (Secretary)
  • Chris MacDermaid (at large)
  • Matthew Jones (at large)
  • Kerstin Lenhert (at large)
  • Don Middleton (at large)
  • Action Items/Next Steps: Contribute to the design and development of the directory of data facilities as a full community (in cooperation with the with the publishers) over the next 3 months, with Kerstin as the lead on behalf of the CDF
  • CDF as signatory to the Coalition Statement.
  • CDF members encouraged to also sign individually as data facilities
  • Establishment of membership sub-committee
  • Arlene Anderson
  • Tim Ahern
  • Lindsay Powers
  • While EC is the initial funding source - the Council does not expect to be EC dependent.
c. Coalition on Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences (Ruth)
i. Materials:
1. Hanson, B., K. Lehnert, and J. Cutcher-Gershenfeld (2015), Committing to publishing data in the Earth and space sciences, Eos, 96, doi:10.1029/2015EO022207.
2. Statement on page accessible at:
3. Draft of new AGU Data Position statement
4. AGU Data Policy at:
i. Articles
1. Eos (Denise) - submitted. Waiting for editor/reviews. If no word by mid/late Feb., Denise will send follow-up correspondence to editor.
2. D-Lib (Ruth) - Need last few comments resolved, references cleaned up. From authors 100-200 word mini-bio. Then will be able to submit.
e. Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix
i. Ruth - Will need to review this topic again with a separate telecon to determine the next steps.
iI. Nancy R - the article related to the matrix has been published.
f. Data Management Training
i. Would like to explore funding opportunities (EarthCube) to expand the effort.
ii. Also, would like to collect the effort and information on wiki.
1. Under Activities/Collaboration:
a. Create a new page and name it “Data Management Training”
3. Under Resources:
a. Link the actual Short Course webpage from the Commons.

5. Other?

a. Wiki page re-organization (
b. List of Data Stewardship Organizations (

6. Adjourn

Attendees: Justin Goldstein, Sophie Hou, Denise Hills, Toni Rosati, Rama Ramapriyan, Shannon Rauch, Linyun Fu, Ruth Duerr, Hook Hua, Natalie Meyers, Robert Downs, Anna Milan, Bob Arko, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Anne Wilson, Tim DiLauro, Nate James, Nancy Ritchey

Additional Notes:


a. Faceted provenance.
i. PROVE-ES Discovery
1) Support multi-dimensionality of provenance.
2) Question: An example of the code?
(a) Yes; An example will be shown.
ii. Dynamic Provenance Bundle Assembly
1) Enable connecting provenance information that might not be related to each other as individual resource.
2) These connections can be done as needed.
iii. PROV-ES Faceted Search
1) A demo webpage was provided.
2) The facets help narrowing down the provenance that would be interested based on the provenance categories provided under the facet sidebar.
3) Once a provenance record is selected, the record can be viewed in either JSON or Turtle.
4) PROV Provenance Visualize:
iv. Harmonization?
1) ISO has 3 different versions.
2) W3C Prov.
3) NASA.
b. In terms of the documentation, JSON spec and additional documents in Google form are available. However, further finalization is needed.
c. Hook will email the slide, the resources, and the endpoint access information to the group.
d. Preliminary information about PROV-ES can be seen in the Google Doc format of this note.
e. Recommendation has been made to provide PROV-ES to other international organizations to review and provide feedback.
f. Link to the full descriptions, such as GCMD?