Interagency Data Stewardship/LifeCycle/Preservation Forum/TeleconNotes/20101110

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Identifiers paper and testbed report

Ruth Duerr noted that has started working on the changes to her sections agreed to last time and hoped to send out edits to her co-authors hopefully by January 1.

Nancy Hoebelheinrich gave an update on the testbed activity. Eugene is apparently still working on translating the glacier photo metadata to XML for submission to CrossRef. The discussion page of the Identifiers testbed on the wiki features the changes being made in the testing process and a number of issues Nancy has discovered relating to CrossRef support of component lists (the CrossRef mechanism for supporting DOI's for subsets of a data set).

Data management principles and practices

The draft principles and practices paper is ready to go for a vote during the business meeting at the winter meeting.


  • IPY - Principles and Practices paper to be added to wiki - Mark Parsons
  • Citation Guidelines to be added to wiki - Mark Parsons

Mark noted that an ICSU Committee studied several data systems to identify best practices, all of which were covered in the ESIP cluster draft.

Provenance paper update

Curt Tilmes still working on the paper, updating it based on last month’s discussion and email threads.

AGU update

ESIP/NOAA workshop on Writing Your Data Management Plan at AGU, Dec. 14 at noon. The workshop is being driven by NSF’s new requirement for data management plans as part of its proposals.

Scientific workflows and provenance poster/paper session on Thursday, Dec. 16. (Hook Hua, JPL, Deborah McGuiness, RPI, Chris Lynnes, NASA GSFC, Brian Wilson, JPL co-convenors)

Winter meeting planning

Data preservation breakouts at winter meeting – available space 2 afternoons, 1 morning (Thursday); though Ruth noted that she was obligated to attend the semantic sessions that seem to be planned for later in the week.

It looks like two major thrusts should be:

  • Citation guidelines and identifiers
    • Short presentations on ID's paper and testbed - Ruth and Nancy
    • Presentation on citations - Mark P.
    • Walk through of FOO related examples - Curt
    • Discussion and develop plan
  • Provenance
    • Review of various provenance - related standards
      • OPM - Hook
      • OPMv - Hook
      • Provenir
      • ISO lineage
      • PML 2.1
      • WC Provenance vocabulary - Curt
    • Review Earth science provenance/context requirements
    • Discussion