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From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Preservation and Stewardship Telecon Notes - March 10, 2010


Ruth Duerr, Brian Rogan, Rob Raskin, Rama Ramaparyian, John Moses, Gao Chen, Carol Meyer, Bob Downs - SEDAC, Brian Duggan – NASA Goddard, Mark Parsons, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Brand Nieman

Status of data identifiers testbed activities

Where are we with the data identifiers Testbed activities? It has been slower than expected. Ruth has submitted the XML files for identifiers for the two data sets that NSIDC is contributing to the testbed. One interesting thing she learned is that the XML schema being used to request DOI's have changed over time. As a result, the example file that ORNL had provided no longer validates. It isn't clear what impact this has on the long-term validity of the DOI's generated.

Brian Duggan has also submitted an XML file to ORNL for the data sets GSFC is contributing to the testbed.

Once ORNL submits the XML and provides the DOI's , these data sets can be loaded into the testbed.

Status of provenance report

Curt Tilmes was going to discuss the status of provenance report but could not be on the call today.

Status of ESIP data management principles and best practices

The original draft is limited to data sharing not the full scope of data management best practices. Rama is working on extending that version.

This activity is not related to the GEOSS Best Practices activity, though it could be if practices are approved by ESIP. At that point, submission as a series of Best Practices might be quite appropriate. These data management principles and practices are specifically being developed for ESIP data management.

What has been worked on thus far is posted on the wiki at At this point there is primarily a list of references to other work that has been done in this area and the beginnings of an outline of the topics to be covered.

Status of report on AGU townhall

Mark Parsons gave an overview of the AGU townhall meeting outcome. It is being put together as an article in EOS. It makes some specific suggestions on data citations. It is in a final draft that will submitted in the near future. The article has become somewhat broader than just the Townhall.

Plans for upcoming summer meeting

The topic of the summer meeting is Energy and Climate. There have been some suggestions for sessions and speakers.

1. Impact of energy and climate on certainty - several suggestions for speakers here but more could be used

2. Continue our national perspective series. Not necessarily related to the meeting themes but would continue an ongoing series from the past two years.

Warren Liscomb is being considered as a speaker. There was interest in hearing from Tom Karl, Carol mentioned that he has been invited as a plenary speaker and he may be interested in staying around for a breakout center. Gao and Nancy are both working on speaker options as well.

Carol asked if the group would save a placeholder for the NOAA data management training workshop that they will be doing in the next two years. The members of this cluster would be the group from which NOAA would draw for the workshop.

NOAA’s plan is to have a short course in summer 2011. It was originally going to be climate centric but there is a need for broad workforce preparation. They are open to lessons learned from NASA’s and other's work.

This activity and proposed session is a work in progress at this point, but more will become clearer by July.