Interagency Data Stewardship/LifeCycle/Preservation Forum/TeleconNotes/20100210

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Preservation and Stewardship Cluster Telecon - February 10, 2010

Apologies to those who could not make the noon MST meeting time. The next telecon will be at 1 pm MST.


Bruce Barkstrom, Curt Tilmes, Choa Chen (SP?), Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Greg Jenee, Yue Chen, Brian Duggan, Al Settell, Wayne Albright


  • Report from Jan. Meeting
  • Status of provenance paper
  • Status of ESIP Recommendations and Best Practices (no report - Rama on travel)
  • Status of testbed
  • Plans for Summer Meeting
  • Other topics?


The meeting started with a summary of the sessions and activities at the January meeting

Curt Tilmes followed with a summary of activities on the Provenance Paper. He has spent a couple of days working with Al Fleig on reorganizing the material out on the Google site and will be attending the Usenix Workshop on Theory and Practice of Provenance in two weeks. As a result, he thinks he can have a good draft of the paper by the next meeting.

Ruth noted that the identifiers testbed will have a telecon at the end of the week. Brian Duggan noted that he will be using the template Bruce Wilson sent out, to request a DOI for the ozone data set. Ruth needs to do the same for the Glacier Photos and GLAS product.

Much of the period was spent discussing what, if anything, to do for the upcoming summer meeting. The topic of the summer meeting is Energy and Climate. One suggestion would be to do a session on Quality and Lineage: Impacts on Climate Modeling. There were a couple of suggestions for speakers for such a session:

  • Norm Loeb - CERES data quality and caveats
  • Greg Leptoukh - ESTO MDSA project stories re data lineage
  • put out a general call for speakers?

Two other topics that some thought would be good sessions include:

  • The impact of energy and climate uncertainty on economics
  • The impact of energy and climate uncertainty on climate literacy

Another topic that folks were interested in was to continue our national perspectives series:

  • Bruce Barkstrom suggested that Warren Wiscome (the head of the DOE Research Measurement group? would be a good speaker.
  • Bob Chadduck of NARA was suggested as a speaker (since they had to cancel this winter)
  • Tom Karl - NOAA's new Climate Service
  • CASPAR - European group

Action Items

  1. Bruce Barkstrom to invite Norm Loeb to talk about data quality and caveats re CERES data
  2. Bruce Barkstrom to invite Warren Wiscome
  3. Nancy Hoebelheinrich to invite the Caspr folks - perhaps David Gianetti of Oxford
  4. Choa Chen (sp?) to invite someone from the NOAA CMDL group to talk about CO2 and Oz records