Interagency Data Stewardship/LifeCycle/Preservation Forum/TeleconNotes/20091016

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Brian metrics
  • GEO recommendation status
  • Status of workshop report
  • Identifiers test bed update
  • Preparations for December meeting
    • ESIP data policy?
    • Workshop or sessions on stewardship


Curt Tilmes, Rob Raskin, Ruth Duerr, Brian Rogan, H.K. Ramapriyan, Bob Downs, Chris Lenhardt, John Moses, John Scialdione, Nancy Hoebelheinrich



Brian asked for the group to consider putting together some basic metrics re our activities. The question is how basic is basic? For example, simple summaries of telecons and activities can just be gleaned from the wiki pages. Is anything more needed? At the moment, perhaps not.

GEO Recommendation Status

We were asked to comment on the data sharing principles that were coming out of GEO. Ruth updated Bruce Barkstrom's draft and sent it around for comment. There were few comments, so Carol sent this document in and GEO has stated that this document will be used in their next meeting. The original document is on the ESIP preserve email.

Summer Meeting Report

There has been a lag on finishing summer work. Ruth will start to ping people on a regular basis to finish the work.

Identifiers Testbed update

There are several groups providing metadata for the testbed. The identification schemes to be used will be tackled in priority order. At this point the test cases are not all together for each of the identifier schemes. We are getting closer to the concept of implementation.

There is a status page on the Wiki.

This is our work for the year so that we can come up with the issues with each of the identifiers. Rob Raskin pointed out that it isn’t really a one year timeframe since it is fiscal year 2009

Chris Lenhardt’s group will work with the DUIs.

Preparations for the upcoming winter meeting

ESIP Data Policy

As a result of the GEO data policy request, it became apparent that ESIP does not have a data policy. This group was asked if we would like to draft such a policy for consideration and a vote at the next meeting in January.

Mark Parsons noted that if we are interested in having a data policy, the polar commons would be interested. A number of groups have policies so how do you not violate one or the other?

Guidelines and practices are a better option since ESIP does not force a member to adhere to a particular policy.

This is an important area but is there someone else who might write this up?

A group will start this process at the coming EDSWG meeting by meeting over dinner.

Upcoming Winter Meeting

Ruth doesn’t feel there is a need for a full track though that time is reserved for the group.

Ideas for a session:

  • discussing the testbed for an afternoon.
  • Something that might support the theme of the meeting Environmental Decision Making.
  • Would it possible for someone from NCDC to arrange a tour? They have the datasets that would be in line with the theme.
  • A one day meeting might be the “Role of Data Stewardship in Decision Making”
  • Are there datasets that might be used as examples of encoding with metadata? Look at recommendations for the future and practical solutions. Also could look at why some datasets were not successful, sort of guidance for the future.
  • You have the issue of how to preserve workflow. How are decisions preserved?

There was consensus on the need for a session. It seems as if there would be two sessions 1. Update session 2. Role of Stewardship in Decision Making session.

There should be an open mind to what might come out of the town hall sessions.

The middle day afternoon was suggested as the time for the sessions.

Someone from the Library of Congress would be a good idea to have come to the meeting to speak on data.

Nancy gave two names of people who might work as speakers. Ruth will follow up.

John Moses will scout out his NARA contacts.

Ruth will be attending a Library of Congress geospatial workshop on Data Preservation.

IWGGD might be interesting to hear from as well.