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First Set of Tables to be Built

First set of ERDs

12/11/2009 While we agreed today that a GCMD table would be built that included fields from the GCMD database entry for the data set. The hypothesis was that the DIF was flat and that therefore this would be a simple process. Well that assumption is entirely wrong. Here is a fragment of an ERD generated from the DIF XSLT. To complete the ERD another 15+ tables would need to be added to account for the remainder of the repeatable fields in the DIF. I think loading the whole DIF into the testbed is too much work, especially since there is a web api to obtain the DIF given a DIF ID. Perhaps loading a subset of the fields that folks might be interested in querying would be possible; but we'd need to identify which ones they were...

Instead here is a minimal ERD for the three tables discussed today...


Here is the GCMD URL for the Glacier Photo Collection: