Interagency Data Stewardship/Identifiers/090922Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Telecon Notes


Curt Tilmes, Rob Raskin, Ruth Duerr, Carol Meyer


We reviewed the identifier schemes to be tested and concluded that there were good reasons to test them all; but to prioritize them as we don't have the resources to work on all of them at once. We agreed that one of each of the major categories would be a good place to start, so we reconfirmed that our top three priorities are DOI's, PURL's, and UUID's.

The next steps are for each group to document on the wiki the characteristics of the data sets that they are contributing (much like the email's Ruth sent on the glacier photos), then for each identifier scheme we need to develop use cases. Ruth volunteered to draft the DOI and UUID use cases and Curt to do the PURL use case.

In terms of what will need to be developed. There are three things to consider:

  1. How to register a data set and its parts (i.e., a registration app)
  2. How users will find the ID's (i.e., a discovery app)
  3. How users will use the ID's found (i.e., some sort of link back)

Curt and Ruth agreed that the discovery app needs to be well integrated in with the work that Chris Lynnes is doing on OpenSearch. It was also noted that this might require more metadata in a repository than the original idea of simply having identifiers and URL's to objects (or information about objects) - [i.e., more work needed here!].

Given the need to develop use cases and to document data set characteristics, we agreed that our next meeting should be in roughly two weeks.