Interactive Federation Network Analysis Tool

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Reid Boehm

What: A network analysis of the ESIP Federation the individual components and the collaborations. Content is layered for context and will include the capability to explore changes in the network over time. The data will contain nodes and edges signifying relationships. Relationships can be layered to show dynamics of community using color and line strength, text size and color to highlight clusters, systems, and strength of connection.

Relationships: ESIP is adaptable- it is an ecosystem- a self-organizing system

Major Dimensions of ESIP’s Ecosystem:

  • Functional (data centers, research, applications, education)
  • Cross-sector (public, academic, commercial, nonprofit)
  • Cross-domain (Land, Oceans, Atmosphere, Life & all the connections between & among)
  • Cross-agency (NASA, NOAA, EPA, NSF, USGS, USDA, USFS…)

These dimensions will drive the design and organization of the tool and as appropriate a linking element draw together the current web presences.

The roots of the network are output/projects and individuals: Projects being the most diverse and individuals being the most granular element. The software will allow file creation of network maps and the simulation of network maps through time. Files can be added to Drupal Content Management of ESIP Commons as a display module that provides link to node records.