Immersive Theater

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Immersive Theater (IT). The IT is best for immersive media display. Almost any visualization that involves a 3D dataset would look pretty cool in there. Currently it is using the Unity game engine for presenting. Unity can ingest most polygonal data formats and warp the display to look correct on the panoramic screen. It can also do show movie play back by mapping the movie onto a Unity game surface. That probably sounds more complicated than it is—it’s pretty straight forward. The big advantage of using a game engine, of course, is that we can add interactivity to the presentation; this will also require considerably more work up front, including probably programming, so we’d want to really showcase something special to make it worth the effort. In house expertise is in 3D graphics and design— less strong in programming. So we’d need to make sure we cover that issue.