IT and Interoperability Telecons

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Telecon Schedule and Call Information

First Thursday of the month 3:00-4:00 EST

January 31, 2012

Call focused on a discussion about whether IT&I should take on a coordinating or facilitating role amongst the interoperability/IT clusters, to wrt:

  • Action from IT&I telecon
  • Suggest that each cluster that is relevant to IT and I provide mission statement that be be used as a starting point to improve ESIP interoperbiity and increase understanding.

March 7, 2012

IT&I integration with ESIP Commons

  • Should the monthly IT&I Telecons focus on summarizing the technical work of related clusters activity at a higher level?
  • Discuss ways to update and reformat IT and Interoperability committee outreach package

  • Rant and Rave presentation ideas for next telecon

IT and Interoperability Committee Mission Statement

Ensure that data, information and services can be readily discovered, exchanged and integrated through the use of interoperability standards and protocols.

Draft IT&I related Cluster Mission Statements

  • Earth Science Collaboratory-Foster the development of a framework supporting rich, collaboratory data analysis and knowledge sharing among Earth scientists.
  • Discovery-Promote the usage of lightweight standards and conventions to support federated discovery of Earth science data and information.
  • Semantic Web-The objective of the Semantic Web Cluster is facilitate application areas of ESIP using semantic web methodologies and technologies.
  • Drupal-Promote the use of Drupal in earth science community through knowledge sharing and exchange.
  • Geospatial-Improve access and discovery of GIS within ESIP community with an emphasis on remotely sensed data
  • CF-Propose extensions to CF to benefit the Earth Science Community
  • Visualization-Focus on the Visualization of earth science data
  • Cloud Computing-Foster collaborative research on cloud computing architecture, reference model, and relevant new technologies
  • Information Quality-Bring together people from various disciplines to assess aspects of quality of remote sensing data.