IRODS - Preservation Track

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

The integrated Rule Oriented Data System (iRODS) organizes distributed data into a shared collection while enforcing management policies. When used in a preservation environment, iRODS maps preservation policies to computer actionable rules, preservation procedures to remotely executable micro-services, and assessment criteria to queries on state information. Each iRODS system comprises a data grid in which administrative procedures can be automated, management policies can be enforced (retention, disposition, distribution, replication, time dependent access controls), and assessment criteria can be validated (integrity, access approval flags, trustworthiness). Multiple iRODS data grids can be federated, with policies controlling data sharing and distribution between the independent data grids. Examples include deep archives which enforce versioning of data, disallow deletion, and disallow remote writes. All operations are driven from within the deep archive under controlled ingestion into the system, with controlled export of files to a data grid federation.