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Invited Presentations and Recordings from monthly telecons:

Oral and Poster Presentations from Conferences/ESIP Meetings:

  • 2019-07-16 ESIP Summer 2019 Meeting
  • Conveying Information Quality: Recent Progress (Breakout Session) Session Notes
  1. Hampapuram “Rama” Ramapriyan, Ge Peng, David Moroni, "ESIP Information Quality Cluster"
  2. Yaxing Wei (Chair), H. K. “Rama” Ramapriyan (Co-chair), David Moroni (Former Chair), Robert R. Downs, Zhong Liu, Donna J. Scott, and Many WG Members, "NASA Data Quality Working Group’s Recommendations and Publications"
  3. David Moroni, Hampapuram “Rama” Ramapriyan, Ge Peng, "IQC: Uncertainty White Paper Status"
  4. Ivana Ivánová, "Data Quality Domain Working Group (DQ DWG)@Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)"
  5. Ge Peng, "Update on Maturity Matrix Related Activities"
  • 2019 E2SIP C3DIS '19 Workshop, Canberra, Austrailia, 8 May 2019 -
  • Breakout#4 - Perspectives on Data Quality - Recording
  • Joint Webinar/TechTalk of the Earth Science Information Partners, Australia National Computational Infrastructure, and the Australian Research Data Center – March 1, 2019 (UTC) - Recording
  • Ramapriyan H.K., Ge Peng, David Moroni, and Yaxing Wei (Presented by Waxing Wei) - "ESIP Information Quality Cluster – Vision, Objectives, Accomplishments and Status"
  • Peng, G., H. K. Ramapriyan and David Moroni, "A Brief Overview of Maturity Models for Consistent Data Quality Ratings"
  • Druken, K., "Implementing a Data Quality Strategy to Simplify Access to Data"
  • 2018-07-18&19: ESIP Summer 2018 Meeting
  • Earth Science Data Uncertainty – White Paper Development (Breakout Session) Session Notes
  • Presentations
  1. David Moroni, Ge Peng and H. K. Ramapriyan - Uncertainty White Paper Development - Background and Status
  2. Mike Little - Advanced Information Systems Technologies (AIST) Uncertainty and Quality Considerations in Earth Science
  3. Jeff Privette - NOAA/NCEI’s Approaches to Informing Users on Uncertainty
  4. Faozi Said - Leveraging Cal/Val to Effectively communicate the Physical Data Limitations
  5. Jonathan Hobbs - Probability as a Foundation for Data Uncertainty Applications in Remote Sensing
  • Earth Science Data Uncertainty – White Paper Development (Working Session) Session Notes
  • 2018-01-11: ESIP Winter 2018 Meeting
  • Session Notes
  • Formulation of a White Paper on Earth Science Data Uncertainty - Breakout Session
  1. David Moroni, Ge Peng and H. K. Ramapriyan - Introduction File:Moroni et al - iqc uncertainty whitepaper intro - Jan 2018.pptx
  2. Jonathan Hobbs - Statistical Foundations for Representing Uncertainty in Earth Science Data Records - File:Hobbs ESIP 20180111.pdf
  3. Jessica Matthews - Earth Science Data Uncertainty from the Application Perspective - File:Matthews esip2018.pptx
  4. Robert Wolfe - Characterizing, Quantifying, and Applying Uncertainty in Earth Science Measurements - File:Wolfe - ES Meas Uncert - ESIP Jan 2018.pptx
  • Information Quality - Progress on Many Fronts
  1. H. K. Ramapriyan,Ge Peng and David Moroni - Introduction - File:IQC Introduction - Ramapriyan 20180111.pptx
  2. Yaxing Wei - NASA’s Data Quality Working Group - File:Wei et al - 2018-01-11.ESDSWG.DQWG.Update.v2.pptx
  3. Robert Downs - Data Quality Metrics for Socio-Economic Data - File:DownsDataQualityMetricsSocioeconomicData20180111.pdf
  4. Ge Peng - Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix (DSMM) – Application Update File:GePeng DSMM ESIP 20180111.pptx
  5. Robert Downs - Progress of the WDS/RDA Working Group on Assessment of Data Fitness File:DownsProgressWGAssessmentDataFitness20180111.pdf
  6. Rebecca Koskela & DataONE Team - DataONE Quality Assurance - File:Koskela et al - DataONE Quality Assurance.pptx
  • 2017-07-26: ESIP Summer 2017 Meeting
  1. Video recording - [1]
  2. Clayson, Carol Anne (WHOI) - Information about the data is as important as the data itself File:Clayson - ESIP July 2017 plenary.pptx
  3. Braverman, Amy (JPL) - Data uncertainty: what is it, where does it come from, and why should we care? File:Braverman -ESIP July 2017 Plenary.pdf
  4. Simpson, Isla (NCAR) - The challenges of evaluating global climate models with the limited observational record File:Simpson-ESIP July 2017 plenary.pptx
  5. Notes [2]
  1. Ramapriyan H. K., Ge Peng and David Moroni - Information Quality Cluster - Fostering Collaborations (Introduction) File:IQC Introduction - Ramapriyan.pptx
  2. Plumlee, Matthew (Northwestern Univ.) - Bridging the gap between data and models File:Plumlee - ESIP 2017 - IQC breakout.pdf
  3. Moroni, David - Key Points from Plenary Session File:Key points from plenary 26jul2017-Moroni.pptx
  4. Notes: [3]
  • 2016-12-15: Ge Peng, H. K. Ramapriyan and David Moroni, The State of Building a Consistent Framework for Curation and Presentation of Earth Science Data Quality, Presented at AGU Fall Meeting File:Peng etal AGU 2016Fall Final v2 20161206.pdf
  • 2016-09-12: Ensuring and Improving Information Quality for Earth Science Data and Products – Role of the ESIP Information Quality Cluster, Presented at SciDataCon 2016, Denver, CO File:IQC Paper - SciDataCon - Ramapriyan - 20160909.pptx
  • Wei Y, Moroni DF, Ramapriyan HK, Downs RR, Khalsa SJS, Scott D (2016) Data Quality Standards and Practices across Agencies [Poster]. SciDataCon 2016, Denver, CO 11-13 September 2016. Available Online
  • 2016-06-20: ESIP IQ Cluster Poster for ESIP Summer Meeting 2016 Media: ESIP IQ Cluster Poster - 20160620.pdf
  • 2016-01-08: ESIP Winter Meeting 2016
  • 2015 Fall AGU Meeting Presentations/Posters:
  • Ramapriyan, H. K., Ge Peng, David Moroni, "Improving Information Quality for Earth Science Data and Products – An Overview", Paper #IN14A-01 - Presented at Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco, December 14, 2015 File:Information Quality - Overview-20151125.pptx
  • Downs Robert R., Ge Peng G, Yaxing Wei, H. K. Ramapriyan, David Moroni, "Enabling the Usability of Earth Science Data Products and Services by Evaluating, Describing, and Improving Data Quality throughout the Data Life-cycle". Paper #IN14A-2 - Presented at Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco, CA 14-18 Dec 2015. [[

Pre-2012 Presentations

Information Quality Presentation Slides from July 12-15, 2011 ESIP Summer Meeting, Santa Fe, NM


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