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IT&I ESIP Commons Review

Time: 8:30-10:00
Location: Dupont
Convener: Ramachandran

Action Items

  • What content should go into the iCommons?
    • What Content types/fields do we need
      • DOI? Use current existing DOI/EZid scheme?
    • What licenses do we need? Is Creative Commons sufficient?
      • Decision to add options
  • Will this supersede the wiki?
    • Separation between wiki-workspace and iCommons-finished-space
  • How do we encourage all of ESiP to use this framework?
    • Add expectation to presenters
    • Make this the beginning, middle, and end of session planning, poster session design, etc.

Key Topics

  • Publication mechanism internal to ESiP
    • ESiP Wiki helpful, but not sufficient
      • Attribution and citations
  • Need to create reference map for ingestion of microarticles
  • Editor(s) will publish content submitted by authenticated users
  • Two post-meeeting publications per year which capture the meeting activity

  • Microarticles and internally published documents
    • Conference meeting sessions captured
      • Presenters, topics, presentations, video/audio/notes of session
    • Professional Development
    • Testbed Activity
    • Links to above
    • Lesson Plans
    • Use Cases?
      • Very much emerging
  • Potential for ESiP Administrative Materials


Brainstorming session for data types and fields. Wide-ranging input from those with expertise in various areas. Group decisions to create, expand, and remove fields for various items.

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