IAI-DIS Metadata

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research

The DIS is an Internet-based data and information system with the following objectives in focus: 1) Dissemination of data created within the IAI scientific projects by using a metadata creation and management process; 2) Data discovery; and 3) Contribute for the standardization and exchange of scientific data between investigators and institutions. Click over here for more information.

Contact Person

Luis Marcelo Achite

(55) 12-3945-6868

lmachite at dir.iai.int

Types of Metadata

  • FGDC: XML and HTML

Approximate number of Metadata Records

  • FGDC: 532

Rate at which Metadata are being created/added

  • Irregularly. In general, the researchers access only on the creation moment. This should be changed in the future.

Locally hosted metadata services

  • Z39.50
  • Website for search and retrieval

External Metadata Registries