Hurricane - Available Services

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Hurricane Track Visualization/Metadata

For the SCOOP project (NOAA and ONR funded) UAH/ITSC has implemented a WFS for hurricane tracks and associated information. For all historical and current Atlantic hurricanes, we store track point information and metadata for the points - in a database. We use the WFS to display the information so users can decide spatial and temporal parmaeters for data search in our SCOOP project. Other apps have been starting to use the same data and services.

Here is the storm search page - "Quick Search by Storm" option

Here is an example display using the WFS (Gaston in 2004).

Here is the corresponding WFS call for the example above (Gaston was storm # 07 in 2004)<Filter><PropertyIsEqualTo><PropertyName>stormid</PropertyName><Literal>200407</Literal></PropertyIsEqualTo></Filter>


We also have associated web services for getting information directly from the storm database...

Additional data services (WMS)

UAH has several WMS available that provides visualization for data in the GHRC data pool ( - part of DISCOVER ( a NASA-REASON project).

The TMI data, in particular might be of interest to the Hurricane use case. Information about this data set is available at .

TMI swath

SSM/I swath

AMSU-A swath

Additionally in DISCOVER we (UAH) host a page that display current information on tropical storms detected by mining AMSU-A data