HowTo: Student Fellow Blog Posts

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Instructions for posting to the Commons

  • Login to
  • From the black bar at the top, select "Add content"
  • Select "Blog entry"

Add content.png

  • Add title
  • Tag the post Student Fellow Blog

Title tags.png

  • Under Text Format select "Full HTML"

Text format.png

  • Add your text (I often compose in Google Docs and paste - this will bring in images, but will still require some cleaningup)
  • If you want to add images directly (eg. not paste) , see the next section.
  • Finish with social media tag line, something like: Stay connected with ESIP through our Facebook, Twitter, weekly updates and AGU data blog posts.
  • NOTE: Your post is not published yet.
  • Once your blog is ready, send Annie ( and email and she will post it!

Drupal tips for images and text formatting

  • Use your favorite photo editor to modify images (crop, add text, etc...) - Drupal is not a great place to do your photo edits.


  • If your images were not brought in with a copy/past of text, you have to upload photos/figures one at a time under under "Add new file"
  • Click on the uploaded file you want to insert.
  • Right click on image and select "Copy image address"


  • Place your curser in the text where you would like the image.
  • Select the image icon.
  • Paste the image URL + select appropriate size


  • If you want to be a little more advanced, select "Advanced" in the Image Properties dialog box
  • You can insert some HTML to customize the image, for example, add a drop shadow:

box-shadow:rgb(200, 200, 200) 10px 10px 5px; float:right; height:200px; line-height:20.8px; margin:5px; width:300px

Peer review

Before you publish your blog post, have a peer review it for readability,

If you are asked to GIVE a peer review, here are a few good resources:

Blog Tips

Further reading:

Style Guide