HELPR Facebook Application

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Helpr will be a Facebook application that will allow ESIP Federation Network members add a list of technical skills to their profiles. This list will be visible only to ESIP Federation Network members. Helpr will be built using Adobe Flex, implemented through the Facebook API, PhP, and an RDMS, hosted on the Amazon web services with the URL:

Helpr consists of the following 4 screens:

a. A personal, add/delete skill list screen with self-assessment (1-5 stars)
b. A skill search screen to find and display the names of ESIP members with a desired skill.
c. A skill search/browse result screen.
d. A skill browse screen that displays all the skills available in the ESIP Federation. This screen will be connected to the ESIP Federation Group page (if possible) if the Network home page does not return.