Guidance for Breakout Session Leaders

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Federation meetings offer dyanmic exchanges among and between community members across a broad range of topics. Often we hear that there are too many parallel sessions in progress during the course of our meetings, preventing people from taking in all that they'd like. In an effort to better capture the goings-on in breakout sessions, we are asking that Breakout Session Leaders provide a synopsis report of their activities/discussions/future action items at the end of the meeting.

To assist you in doing this, the ESIP Federation will be providing student rapporteurs to help with meeting note taking and report preparation. You may use what ever tool you prefer to capture the discussion (e.g. wiki, word processor, video). This effort is a work in progress so we are taking any feedback (in advance or after the meeting).

Some hints for successful reporting:

  • Document session goals up front.
  • Secure presentations (in advance) from all speakers and use them for the basis of notes.
  • Post notes soon after a session and invite feedback, corrections and comments.
  • Coach rapporteur for expected key points and action items.

The ESIP Federation will provide these reports on its website after each meeting.