Goddard DAAC Air Pollution Event Search Tool

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The Goddard DAAC is working on a search interface called Mirador: http://g0dup05u.ecs.nasa.gov/mirador/ that provides a google like interface to ESE data.

We have currently implemented a gazetteer into the interface which translates location text into a lat/lon coordinate which is used to locate Earth Science Data Product files.

We are implementing an event gazetteer, that includes, hurricanes and other storm related events. We would like to include air pollution events.

We have incorporated EPA AQS data such that we can identify ESE files related to specific ground chemistry measurements in EPA's data. However, we need assistance in identifying what events would actually be useful to an end user.

For example, we can identify location and time of PM 2.5 measurements above 40.4 ug/m3, and use the spatial temporal coordinates to locate files matching the coordinates, but is "PM2.5 > 40.4", by itself a useful search event? Is an index of chemistry measurements such as O3/NO2/CO/PM and other related weather conditions a more useful event? -- posted by Peter MacHarrie

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