GHRC to Mirador Difference Summary

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Search Results Differences

  1. GHRC includes the data link as an HTML href; Mirador includes it as a <link> element.
  2. GHRC included the encoding (UTF-8) in the xml header line
  3. GHRC only used the Atom namespace not the opensearch name space and prefaces all element names with "atom:"
  4. GHRC's author is an organization, while Mirador's is a person and uses generator to identify the entity that has the data.
  5. GHRC uses a uri within the author group to link back to their website; Mirador uses an href feed element to do the same
  6. GHRC uses an atom category term of "Search results"
  7. Mirador also includes links to the browse and metadata
  8. Mirador also uses a subtitle for the feed as a whole
  9. Neither use the geoRSS extensions to return spatial or temporal information about the "granules" returned

Query Differences

While it may be normal in the web industry for an aggregated search engine to have to learn how to query each search engine separately, wouldn't it make life easier if each data provider that supported a parameter, time, and space-based opensearch query would use the same syntax? With that thought in mind here are the differences between the Mirador and GHRC query syntaxes:

Mirador Name GHRC Name
dataSet ds
pointLocation aoi
startTime from
endTime thru
maxGranules limit