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ESIP Geospatial Experiment Mashup

This is the home page for the 2013 ESIP GEM Experiments.


What: Create a cross-agency geospatial data mashup. Goal: Understand the state of GIS across agencies.

  • What services are supported?
  • What data formats are used?
  • How can you find data?
  • What tools are available to interact with each agency?


As of April 2013, GEM still does not have a definite, well-defined theme. Ideally we want to answer a real research question pertaining to the National Climate Assessment.


This section lists the agencies involved with this project, and current point-of-contact within that organization.

  1. NASA, PoC: Ryan Boller
  2. SSEC, PoC: Tommy Jasmin
  3. JPL, PoC: Paul Ramirez
  4. NOAA, PoC: TBD
  5. USGS, PoC: TBD
  6. EPA, PoC: TBD
  7. ESRI, PoC: TBD
  8. OGC, PoC: TBD
  9. GES DISC, PoC: Wenli Yang

Technologies Under Consideration

  1. OSGeo-Live, an open source geospatial VM
  2. Apache SIS, Spatial Information System
  3. GeoServer, Open source, Java-based geospatial data server
  4. Windows Azure, Microsoft cloud platform
  5. Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon cloud platform
  6. ESRI Geoportal Server, Data discovery server


This section will hold pointers to any GEM-related documentation: presentations, implementation plans, etc.


This section will provide concise, dated status updates.


Our results, if we are successful, will contain two main sections:

  1. Grading the agencies - so others will have an idea who is making their geospatial data easily accessible.
  2. Documented recipe - so others can leverage this work for their own cross-agency geospatial mashups.