Future Meeting Themes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


Please post your ideas for future meeting themes here

These ideas can be general (e.g., data quality) or specific (e.g., the future of NetCDF)... we need this input to help guide planning for future meetings and also for sponsor organizations.

  • Data rich rapid response to natural disasters
  • quality issues related to serving up real- or near real-time data
  • From science to policy
  • All things open source: Legal issues (with actual lawyers as part of the discussions); Group structures and governance; Designs that enable loosely-coupled groups to collaborate effectively
  • Collaboration: cover the political, social and technical aspects of collaboration for research and applications. With the socio-political aspect, this may be best suited for a Washington meeting.
  • Earth science data silos: work arounds and new practices and standards
  • Earth data use in schools: what are the barriers?
  • Earth data in support of global renewable energy research
  • Earth Science Data for climate adaptation and in particular water resources management - are we prepared to meet the rising demand for Earth Science data ?
  • Information Products created from Earth Science Data: their standardization, automation, metadata, lineage, quality, dissemination, and comparability.
  • Decision support from earth science data - making effective use of uncertainty and other metadata to quantify results