Frameworks for Data Visualization

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SubmitterName Kevin Ward and Charles Thompson
Meeting Summer 2012
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Title Frameworks for Data Visualization
Abstract [[Abstract::Many frameworks have been developed to support science data visualization. These frameworks can be integrated or modular and very often involve massaging the underlying source science data (via a set of specialized procedural steps) into a generalized derivative form (images, grids, tiles) facilitating the visualization process. Visualization frameworks might also simply be data browsers.

Some examples of visualization frameworks are:

We want to identify examples of frameworks that exist within the Earth sciences community and encourage the developers, maintainers, and users of those systems to participate in this workshop at the summer meeting.

For this workshop we are soliciting 15-20 minute presentations that address the following core questions regarding visualization frameworks:

  • What are the challenges/functions that the framework is attempting to address?
  • What varieties of data products are represented within these frameworks? (e.g., considering data formats, types, and topics -- HDF, CSV, vector, point, remotely sensed, in-situ, etc.)
  • How can these frameworks be expanded/adapted to other science datasets? Have frameworks been developed with extensibility in mind or are there requirements that necessitate solutions that are unique to the source data?
  • What are the processing considerations when generating intermediate data products that then feed the frameworks?
  • How do the above considerations reflect the intended audience and infrastructure?

Demonstrations of existing frameworks are certainly welcome as long as the core questions are addressed as part of that demonstration.

Other topics within the realm of visualization frameworks are welcome as well.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please send us an abstract of no more than 250 words describing your framework (or frameworks you have used, if that is your perspective) and briefly summarizing its use. Abstracts should be submitted to by June 8, 2012.]]

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