Federation Strategic Plan

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Federation Vision[edit | edit source]

To enhance our environmental stewardship, economic opportunities, and quality of life through the informed application of reliable Earth science information.

Federation Mission[edit | edit source]

To establish and refine processes rooted in science and to increase the quality and value of Earth science products and services for the benefit of science and society.

Goals and Strategies[edit | edit source]

GOAL 1: Be the primary facilitator, coordinating body and advisor to promote the use of Earth science data and information.
GOAL 2: Promote the efficient integration and flow of Earth science data from collection and analysis to end-use.
GOAL 3: Improve the quality and usability of Earth science data and information systems.
GOAL 4: Increase the use of Earth science data and information.
GOAL 5: Expand public awareness about the importance and value of Earth science and Earth science information systems.
GOAL 6: Target new members selectively and encourage active involvement and retention of current members.
GOAL 7: Solidify a stable funding base for the Federation and the Earth science data management and information community.

Strategic Plan 2004-2007 (complete)[edit | edit source]

Document as Adopted by the ESIP Federation Assembly August 17,2004:

Strategic Plan 2004-2007

The sections above are excerpts.