Federated Search To Do

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Short Term

  • Devise versioning scheme for ESIP framework (Chris Lynnes)
  • Recommend a common set of keywords (Brian Wilson)
  • Document the representation of data hyperlinks (Chris Lynnes)
  • Research and define a common way of exception handling (Doug Newman)
    • Just HTTP return codes, or in returned documents? What is the OpenSearch way?
  • Extending search to other attributes (Ruth Duerr)
    • Granule level
    • Dataset level
  • Resolving duplicate entries
    • Datasets from multiple servers
    • Granules from same or multiple servers
  • Recommendations/Best Practices for response contents
    • Space and time extents
  • Granule heterogeneity within datasets
  • Incorporating data services
    • Pomegranate and w10n-sci
    • OPeNDAP (TBD)

Medium Term

  • Incorporating data services
    • Pomegranate and w10n-sci
    • Integration with Service and Data casting?

Long Term

  • Addressing attribution and provenance and local data management issues
  • Addressing semantic heterogeneity problems in keyword search (now) an d attribute search (later)