February 8, 2010

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Visioneers Telecon February 8, 2010


Participants: Chris Lenhardt, Bruce Caron, Karl Benedict, Susie Allard (UTK), Shaliendra Kumar, Rob Raskin, Peter Fox, Brian Wilson, Brian Rogan, Carol Meyer

There has been no action by the ExCom on the meeting since it has not met since the last Visioneers telecon. This has been aded to the ExCom agenda for this week.

Theme Discussion

Energy and Climate theme was supported by local host, Bruce Wilson. He further note that the link to decision support was in place. Climate impacts on energy would be a focus and end user needs for information might be a focus. Shaliendra Kumar noted that the needs of utilities and national security, for example, might be good places to focus. The idea would be to launch a new Energy Cluster in conjunction with this focus. The opportunity also would be used to engage the modeling community in this activity. Use ESIP as a cross-agency forum for discussion and use the opportunity to pull in the Department of Energy.

Agenda Items

Core Technical Workshop suggestions:

  • Best Practices for Visualizations Workshop
  • Interoperability 101
  • Emerging Technologies: Migrating to Mobile Platforms

Education Workshops

  • Products for formal education
  • Carol Tenopir (UT) has offered to make connections into the local education community


  • Formal invitations to go through Carol Meyer

Breakout Tracks

  • Kumar/Bruce Wilson, Rich Eckman to work on Energy Track
  • Experiment with Ignite technology for breakout sessions

Poster Session

  • Themed posters v. nonposter session

Open Meeting Day

  • Powerpoint-free day
  • Better report outs
  • Standards Process Group - 30 people all day

FUNding Friday

  • Student competition - should there be a focus?
  • Member competition

Committee Meetings

Action Items

  • ExCom to consider theme of Energy and Climate
  • Post pictures of conference venue
  • Confirm Poster Session location & Poster Session Award
  • Design a leader handout for Open Meeting Day
  • FUNding Friday posters for student competition
  • Check Video Conference Capability Availability
  • Obtain list of open ports; find out which are available
  • Plan summer meetings 3 years in advance (venue & dates)