February 4, 2010

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Water cluster Meeting – February 4, 2010

Present: Brian Rogan Carol Meyer Bill Sonntag Chuck Spooner Will Pozzi Rob Raskin Bill Sonntag Stephanie Granger Carol Meyer Jamie Montgomery Christine Eggers

Introductions & Opening Comments

Meeting began at 3:05 pm

Water Cluster Activities at Winter ESIP Federation Meeting

There were no particular comments on activities from the winter meeting.

Discussion of ESIP Water Cluster Use Case Development Will discussed the importance of the Chesapeake to the use case. The use case is interesting enough that anyone’s system could be added as a line item very easily. He mentioned that the use case would essentially be an excel spreadsheet. The idea being to expose how much metadata is collected and to compare it to some of the standards for non-continuous data. The idea is to talk about the demands of interoperability. They will be collecting and preserving data that is amenable to comparability. U Md is on board so it gives us several types of buoys.

Will discussed other buoys and feels the next steps is to get a standard descriptin email of what it consists of and that the people who think they can participate will participate.

Stephanie mentioned that the last telecon her writing up a narrative for the San Joaquin valley. What would it take for that to happen. This would be at a higher level. The problem statement has been developed.

Will suggested that Stephanie write it up in a template. He would send the template.

Both of these qualifiers are good for use case based on GEOSS.

George Percival is preparing a section dealing with semantics. Ontologies are also coming up with the geophysical parameters.

GEOSS AIP-3 Process Status discussions It is hoped that the same thing that happened with AQ can happen with water. There are a number of scenarios for biodiversity, water, AQ, energy as well as others. Once the template is submitted, the kickoff meeting will be held in Italy. AIP 3 is set up to provide demonstration products for the meeting to be held in late November or early December. Carol asked if the water community of practice has submitted anything. They are going to pick ten projects that will be featured at the ministerial summit in Beijing. There may be an opportunity to have a broader impact.

There should be no problem getting an ESIP project in an IWGO presentation .

There is going to be a tight timeline in getting a submission in order for the IWGO meeting. CUASHI is interested and it would be worth getting them involved. It would be a benefit to get all of these groups together to brainstorm.

All three groups will need to come together in a telecon to see if they all have something to put on the table for either the Chesapeake case or the California case.

Chuck and Will will discuss this at a meeting on Monday

Other Business No Action items

Date of next Teleconference It was decided to post a doodle poll on the water cluster listerv to determine a good time to have a regular meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM