FROST Servers and Indexers

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

The "T" in FROST is the idea that a simple, easy-to-install toolset would be available to support space-time query of data. It would include a basic database, and perhaps install as a servlet.

It would also include indexers for various types of data which could crawl local (or remote?) directories and enter the metadata into the aforementioned database. Indexers would be relatively easy to write for certain standard formats, such as netCDF/CF1, HDF-EOS, HDF-EOS5 and GRIB. Also, an indexer for the THREDDS catalog should be achievable.

The Toolset could be standalone, or in some cases distributed as part of other data management related packages. A good example of this would be distributing a FROST capability with OPeNDAP (which already uses a Tomcat server).