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Proposed roles for Geospatial OneStop in the Exchange

1. GOS Homepage Menu Items

The Federation Clusters could contribute to the top-level topical categories in GOS. These are found on the Home Page for GOS and are not maintained by the Federation. They are the most viewed sites on GOS and the Federation Clusters can play a central role in populating the sites with Federation products and services.

2. GOS metadata repository

The Federation could encourage all ESIPs to contribute metadata to the large GOS repository. The primary way to do this is to register difs with GCMD. This exposes our products to the GOS search facility. In addition, it enables inclusion in the GOS Community Pages.

3. ESIP Community

We could maintain a presence as a GOS community. This gives us a place to advertise what the Federation is, how it works, and how other groups can join the Federation.
The following document by Ted Habermann describes possible uses of this Community page:
GOS and ESIP Communities

Geospatial OneStop documents

GOS Handbook for Channel Stewards
GOS Validation Rules