Exceptional Air Pollution Event Analysis Community Workspace Outputs

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • National Screening of Candidate EE Samples
    During the initial promulgation of the EE Rule (2007-12), the identification and documentation of EE-flagged samples were performed by individual States. With the Exceptional Event Decision Support System (EE DSS), the candidate EE samples can be identified nationally using transparent and uniform procedures. This facility reduces the required effort by the States for preparing EE documentation as well as effort by EPA Regions to evaluate the documentation.
  • Access to satellite, model and other datasets
    The EE Rule makes use of the "Weight of Evidence" approach where most weight in the submitted evidence is given to observations or qualified models. In the past States had to go through the tedious and costly process to find, access and understand these resources. Through the federated data system, DataFed, the States and the EPA Regions can access EE-relevant data from satellites, models and other sources through a single interface.
  • Community of event analysts
    The output of this community activity is a list of those interested in AQ Event analysis.