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Intro to Exceptional Event Analyses

Workspace Layout

EE Context

This section includes regulatory background, links to discussions around the EE Analysis Community Workspace and links to other EE resources - websites, reports and papers.

EE Toolbox

This section includes the components needed to do EE analyses- data, tools and methods.

  • Datasets are coming from the AQ Community Catalog. These datasets have wiki pages called, DataSpaces, that are documentation of the datasets - structured metadata needed for discovery, information on access and browsing as well as feedback mechanisms for users to indicate problems with the data as well as additional contextual information.
  • The Tools and Methods page includes links to tools and methods relevant for each step of the EE rule.
  • The User Support section is a grouping of help resources for the EE tools, as well as EE background and links to discussion.

EE Analyses

The EE Analyses section is meant to "lift the hood" and provide EPA-approved analysis to give users the idea of how to use datasets for specific EE contexts.

Get Involved

This workspace is constantly growing and changing as a result of the community adding content. Please create a wiki account and add, modify or delete as you see fit. The wiki cannot break - changes can be undone if needed, so edit away!