ExCom October 2012

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Federation Executive Committee, October 11, 2012

Participants: Karl Benedict, Stefan Falke, Ken Keiser, Chris Lenhardt, Carol Meyer, Curt Tilmes, Erin Robinson, Annette Schloss, John Scialdone, Becky Reid, Nina Jackson

Meeting called to order at 2:03 by Karl Benedict

  1. Approval of August minutes - John Scialdone made a motion to adopt the minutes as drafted. The motion was seconded by Stefan Falke. Without discussion, the minutes were approved by acclamation.
  2. Excom Business
    • Vote on USGCRP engagement (NCANet) June Minutes http://ncanet.usgcrp.gov/ -
      • The group briefly summarized what joining means - track activities and communicate with ESIP members, listing in directory of members and participate where it makes sense.
      • Annette Schloss made a motion to join NCANet. The motion was seconded by Stefan Falke. Without discussion, the group agreed to join NCANet by acclamation.
    • Awards subgroup Update File:MaidenDescription-2012.docx - A reminder that the award announcement went out. Martha Maiden applications are due Oct. 31, the other award applications are due Dec. 1.
  3. Committee Reports
    • Products and Services https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WzE54AFMf-6IP1nwLBDeP-jPS2A_Nism5-vOxer3UiM/edit
      • As the P&S testbed has evolved, the group has needed more structured governance. Ken has put in place an ad hoc review board that covers key expertise being developed in the testbed. The implementation of the review board has made the committee seem redundant or unnecessary. Ken proposed that the review board replace the P&S standing committee as an administrative committee. The group discussed some of the implications of this change and it is unclear if that change would be the best course. Ken will work with the Constitution and Bylaw committee on combining P&S needs without being too restrictive.
    • Others?
      • Partnership - The Partnership Committee met Oct. 1 and approved 6 new member applications. 1 more app to follow-up on and then the class will be 7. Partnership is planning to hold a call in Nov. to discuss what it means to be an international ESIP member and how ESIP might best serve international members.
      • FiCom will meet next week before Thursday to discuss budgets.
  4. Other Business

Annette Schloss made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by John Scialdone. The meeting adjourned at 2:50.