ExCom October 2011

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Federation Executive Committee, October 13, 2011

Attendees: Chris Lenhardt, Bruce Caron, Karl Benedict, Ken Keiser, Rob Raskin, Annette Schloss, Stefan Falke, Steve Berrick, Nettie Labelle-Hamer, Brian Wilson, Erin Robinson, Carol Meyer

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Lenhardt at 2:05 pm EDT.

  1. Adoption of Minutes. A motion to adopt was made by Karl Benedict, with Steve Berrick offering a second. The minutes were approved by acclamation.
  2. Upcoming ESIP Meetings
    • Winter Meeting
      • Program & Theme - Connections Through Collaboration: Engaging Community Throughout the Data Life Cycle. Theme was sent out to ExCom for review and comment. No comments were received.
      • Call for Sessions - A form was created for session submissions, including a deadline of late October. Committee chairs and others were asked to work with their communities to get session requests submitted. There is a lot of interest in space at ESIP meetings and there might be a need to review submissions and make decisions.
        • A Visioneers telecon for breakout session organizers is set for the week of October 13. The telecon will coordinate sessions and link them to the higher level theme of the meeting. Moving forward it would be good to have a liaison from each committee participate in these coordinating calls. The group will also define goals for the meeting.
      • Registration - Will open in the next few weeks.
      • The group also discussed other ways to use the meeting to gain information on the benefits our members receive in participating in ESIP. Options discussed were: adding survey questions to registration, pledging to fill out short survey, and interviewing members directly to get insights.
    • Summer Meeting
      • Dates - 3rd week in July (July 16-20)
      • Location - Madison, WI
  3. Committee Reports
    • Partnership (ESIP Awards)- Annette Schloss - Two new awards are proposed to recognize ESIP members as organizations as well as individual contributions. The process for identifying key ESIP contributors is another way to identify the 'benefits' (as well as metrics) we are looking to capture from our members.
      • President's award - honors individuals who have contributed significantly in the past year. Nominations come from the community or self.
      • ESIP of the Year - honors an ESIP member organization collectively.
      • Moving forward on this meets one of the goals from the mid-course strategic planning list.
    • Products and Services - Ken Keiser
      • Received at least 2 responses to all five testbed RFPs. Four have been chosen and task 1 has been held for reformulation.
    • Constitution and Bylaws - Rob Raskin
      • There are several sets of issues. Non-controversial issues will be voted on in an electronic election (most # of issues). The next set of issues will be discussed at the Winter Meeting. They will be sent out ahead of time
      • Action: Send out Robert's Rules cheat sheet to all Assembly Voting Representatives prior to the business meeting as well as making copies available on site. At the beginning of the meeting, there will be a five minute primer.
  4. Other Business
    • Bruce Caron announced that the newly formed workgroup for Internal Education/Professional Development is being chaired by LuAnn Dahlman.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 EDT.