ExCom October2013

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Federation Executive Committee, October 10, 2013

Participants: Carol Meyer, Erin Robinson, Chuck Hutchinson, Curt Tilmes, Brian Wee, John Scialdone, Emily Law, Roberta Johnson

  1. ESIP Meeting
    • Looking Ahead to Winter
      • The ESIP Meeting Planning is going well. The theme will be around celebrating ESIP's 15 years of making data matter and will showcase successes throughout the years.
      • Call for Sessions is ready to go. Committees have already been discussing sessions. We will hold off on a strong push until the federal government has reopened.
      • There could be two pre-meeting events - a data study workshop (confirmed) and an outgrowth of the summer meeting's data study panel at the summer meeting and an NAS round table.
  2. Committee & Working Group Budget Requests (Budget Justification Template, FY2014 Budget Template, Committee and Working Group Budget Policy)
    • The Ficom will be meeting after the Foundation Board meets in late October. It is anticipated that the Board will adopt a budget during that meeting.
  3. Committee Reports
    • Partnership - John Scialdone reported that we have two applications for review by Partnership. We will put these up for review about November 1 and then the Assembly will vote along with ESIP election Dec. 1.
    • Education - Roberta Johnson reported that the Education Committee met. They are considering an Education Challenge to connect educators with ESIP member resources. Emily Law suggested looking at BRDI Science Challenge. Carol Meyer also suggested that looking at EPA's Green Apps challenge may be another useful resource. This could be an activity that ESIP aligns with BRDI in future years.
  4. Approval of May & June minutes
    • John Scialdone motioned to accept the minutes as they are. Roberta Johnson seconded the motion. The motion passed by acclamation.
  5. Other Business
  • Data Decadal Survey Cluster Proposal
    • Carol Meyer described the Data Decadal Survey history. The idea was seeded by Dan Baker at a Boulder Earth & Space Science Informatics Group meeting and has been championed by Anne Wilson, who is leading an ESIP cluster to advance the idea. The Cluster spearheaded a panel at the ESIP Summer Meeting. In consultation with BRDI, the group is considering NRC mechanisms other than decadal survey, so the name of the study is evolving. The group is now coordinating a workshop to be held just prior to the ESIP Winter Meeting, Jan. 7, 2014. The study has a fairly defined lifespan, but does need a budget. It is suggested that the group with a formal task, now become a working group.
    • Curt Tilmes motioned that ExCom create a Data Study Working Group. It was seconded by John Scialdone and passed by acclamation.
  • Raskin Scholarship Update
    • Carol Meyer reported that we received 7 applications for the Raskin Scholarship. An award review committee was formed with colleagues of Rob and Rob's sister. The committee will also work to refine the scholarship announcement language.
  • GEO Update
    • Carol reported that she had worked with the GEO staff and submitted a letter to Barbara Ryan, GEO Secretariat, to change the ESIP Federation's status from Observer to a Participating Organization. The request will be considered during January's GEO plenary.