ExCom November2014

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

November Excom Call - 2014-11-25, 3 ET


  • Adam Shepherd
  • Anne Wilson
  • Beth Huffer
  • Bill Teng*
  • Bruce Caron*
  • Chris Lenhardt
  • Denise Hills*
  • Ed Armstrong
  • Emily Law*
  • Erin Robinson
  • Ken Keiser *
  • Matt Austin*
  • Peter Fox*
  • Sara Graves*
  • Thomas Huang
  • Margaret Mooney*
  • Tom Narock
  • Tyler Stevens*

Strategic Plan Discussion:

Emily Law shared the ESIP 2015-2020 Strategic Plan Roadmap document. She reviewed the process that led to the creation of the roadmap. Starting in Spring 2014, we polled the ESIP Assembly on goals for the strategic plan – continuing the goals and suggesting new goals. At the ESIP Summer Meeting, we had flip charts posted with each goal and we asked meeting attendees to post ideas on reaching goals. Emily synthesized all the information into the roadmap document adding metrics, and beginning to assign ideas to collaboration areas. With this background she opened up to discussion and asked chairs of all groups to review these assignments and make sure that these are appropriate.


  • Peter reminded the group that this is a two way street – if your group isn’t listed or if you are doing work that fits under the group, so
  • Ed Armstrong asked for clarification on some definition and where to comment?
    • Use comment feature
  • Chris Lenhardt – Can we prioritize goals? Suggested adding +
  • Please edit/add/update and post comments. Follow-up with Emily, Peter or Erin is welcome.

Executive Committee Business

  1. Approval of October Minutes – Sara 2nd – Emily, Minutes approved by acclimation
    Sara Graves motioned to accept the minutes as presented and Emily Law seconded the motion. The minutes for October were approved by acclamation.
  2. President’s Report
    • Executive Director update – Erin Robinson was selected as the new Foundation for Earth Science Executive Director
    • Budget – ESIP is developing a budget that will be compatible with FES. This will be on the agenda for the next few meetings.
    • Fed/Foundation MOU – This was put on hold until the ED was finalized. It is desirable to move forward and Bruce Caron, C&B chair, is securing an independent legal review. This will be an open process.
    • Group on Earth Observations 11th Plenary – Peter will send longer set of notes. GEO just finished it’s 10th year and just completed it’s fifth evaluation (ESIP look at how GEO evaluated). The results of AIP-7 were shared. Based on AIP-7’s progress, Peter invited some of the GEO people to ESIP to share. One emerging area is Data management principles. GEO is developing a strategic plan that will be available soon. This update includes modifications to governance and the participating organization are moving toward partnership model.
    • Sustain and recognize ESIP members – Peter invited the leadership to the breakfast at the Winter Meeting, including the ExCom, Cluster and Working Group chairs and Student Fellows. Date TBD.
  3. Staff Report
    • Winter Meeting Update – Erin shared the agenda and noted that we are running through the entire day. Early registration will end Dec. 15. We have confirmed Joseph Fiksel and Rick Driggers as plenary speakers. Still working to confirm final plenary speakers. Reminded ExCom to book travel.
    • WSSSPE – I attended the Working Group for Sustainable Science Software Practices and Experiences. With Bob Downs, Ethan Davis, Nic Weber and Chris Lenhardt, we published a paper that was presented.
  4. Committee Reports
    • C&B – Inactive membership change ready for vote. The vote will start Dec. 3
    • Data Stewardship –
      • Eos article on PROV-ES context standard is in final stages.
      • Lots of winter meeting activity. (1) Dynamic Citation workshop following up on work that has been going on in Europe through RDA. (2) Defining Data Publication led by Nancy Ritchey. Looking for use cases and commonalities to define for publishers.
    • Education – Erin reported for Roberta that through ESIP sponsorship of NESTA and ESIP collaboration with NESTA, there have been fall workshops sharing ESIP member resources.
    • Finance – The committee met and reviewed budgets submitted from 1 committee and three working groups. Comments have been conveyed to group. Few procedural notes: (1) The committee asked the group submitting budgets to use the template; (2) Ask for specific details regarding travel, to the extent possible. Committee didn’t feel like requesting block funding was appropriate.
    • Nominations Committee – Denise Hills is the new chair of the nomination committee. Denise reported that the group solicited nominations and have 1 nominee for each position. Still accepting nominations through Dec. 3. Denise encouraged anyone interested to nominate or self-nominate.
    • Partnership – Tyler reported that the 30-day comment period is ending. (iPlant follow-up).
    • Products & Services – Erin reported for Christine that the Testbed Configuration Board met and reviewed seven projects and funded four with one optional.
    • IT&I – Erin reported for Matt Austin on the most recent Rant/Rave with Chris Jenkins as a presenter. The next call in Dec will be partnering with P&S showcasing the FUNding Friday and Spring Testbed awards.
    • Type Rep Reports
      • Type I – Sara reported that many Type Is at SciDataCon. ESIP was well-represented.
      • Type II – No report.
      • Type III – Margaret mentioned the GOES-R launch (March 2016). There will be something in the Education realm and committed to have ESIP involved. There will be a workshop.
  5. Other Business?
    • Council for Data Facilities will have a 1-day meeting adjacent to ESIP

The meeting adjourned at 3:58 ET.