ExCom November2013

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants: Carol Meyer, Erin Robinson, Roberta Johnson, Annette Schloss, Curt Tilmes, Karl Benedict, Matt Austin, Stefan Falke, Tamara Ledley, John Scialdone

  1. ESIP Meetings
    • Looking Ahead to Winter 2014 - Program Development
      • Carol Meyer reported that the Winter Program is shaping up and today is the soft deadline for sessions. Registration is slow to get started, but we expect an uptick as we get closer to the meeting. The plenaries are shaping up. We have commitments from NOAA, USGS and NITRD to the Data Study Vision Panel on the first day. We are still waiting for NASA and looking for a DOE contact. We also have a speaker from Software Carpentry and we have an additional invitation extended. We will start the second day with business meeting and then follow with a panel on Open Data in Government and implementation challenges. A request was made to ExCom for pictures from ESIP pasts - please send to Erin. Jeff DLB is leading a jam session during the Poster session/reception - contact Jeff.
    • Looking Ahead to Summer 2014 - venues
      • Erin Robinson reported on the location search update. We received a proposal from Copper Mountain, CO, a ski resort, that is within our budget. It is about a 90 min shuttle ride to Copper from the Denver Airport. The group discussed the appearance of being at a resort (albeit a ski resort in the summer), but many thought the location was good and given our struggle finding a location the group decided to go ahead and lock Copper down. Erin will move ahead with the contract.
    • Business Meeting information
      • Karl reported on the proposed revisions to the Foundation bylaws as it relates to the ESIP Federation seats. The Assembly will need to define 6 provisional representatives that may assume seats on the Foundation Board pending the Board's adoption of changes to their bylaws. C&B will meet before the January meeting to try and identify a temporary process for identifying reps.
  2. Committee Reports
    • Partnership - John Scialdone reported that there are three new partner applications; Waiting on comments from the Partnership Committee before posting.
    • Education - Roberta Johnson reported that the education group wasn't able to have their last call. They are working to improve the ESIP education program. There are new strategies to broaden impact and reach both within ESIP and outside. There is some interest in reviving citizen science
    • FiCom - Carol reported that FiCom met and 3 budget proposals were approved and 2 were sent back for more information.
    • IT&I - Cecilia Deluca presented on CoG, a collaborative infrastructure.
    • Data Stewardship - Curt Tilmes reported that stewardship the group is working on a brochure for the Data Management training course and there is a draft moving forward. There is also an draft provenance opinion piece. The Data Study group is also very active, including a study scoping workshop at the Winter ESIP Meeting.
  3. Other Business
  • Award Committee - We have two applications for the Martha Maiden Award. Annette Schloss will took action to convene the award committee to make a decision on this. Sara Graves will be the past-award participant on the award committee (with the Type Reps and VP).
  • Raskin Scholarship Update - A review committee of people who were part of original team that conceived of the fund and award. Part of the group met, but refrained from making a decision until still one member provided input. The winner will be announced at the January meeting and will give a talk at the Summer ESIP Meeting.
  • Call for Nominations (still open until Dec. 1)
    • Reminder that we have posted the call for nominations for 2014 ESIP Leadership. If you are interested in retaining your seat or would like to nominate someone let Carol or Erin know. Thanks for your leadership this year! A request for candidates to provide a statement - their vision and what they would do if elected.
  • Student Fellow Review
    • Erin reported that we had 11 applications and requested help with reviewing the applications. Karl Benedict agreed to help with the reviews and Erin would reach out to one more member of the Excom.

4. Approval of October Minutes

  • John Scialdone suggested modification to say "on or about Nov. 1". Stefan Falke motioned to accept the minutes as modified. John Scialdone seconded the motion. The motion passed by acclamation.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55