ExCom May 2012

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Federation Executive Committee, May 10, 2012
No quorum was established for this meeting. These are notes (not minutes) from the discussions.

Attendees: John Scialdone, Ken Keiser, Stefan Falke, Annette Schloss, Karl Benedict, Shailendra Kumar, Carol Meyer, Erin Robinson

  1. Approval of April minutes - minutes could not be approved because a quorum could not be established.
  2. Summer Meeting Update -
    • Over 50 people are registered.
    • Including 4-5 virtual participants.
    • A reminder was given to make hotel reservations and go ahead and register for the meeting to help us establish a head count.
    • A draft schedule was posted several weeks ago and a note to add space for C&B on the agenda was made.
  3. ESIP Commons Governance Working Group proposal (commons.esipfed.org)
    • Need a light touch governance model to oversee the content being added to the governance group.
  • Two types of members - editorial workgroup and board for high level oversight.
    • Group also discussed distinction between wiki - dynamic content generation and commons - outcomes (may still be living documents).
    • If there is interest from others in the group please let Erin know.
    • Recommendation from Excom group was to form a Working Group.
    • An electronic vote will be facilitated with the full Executive Committee before the June telecon
  1. Energy & Climate Cluster Working Group proposal (Draft White Paper) - Shailendra Kumar
    • Energy Cluster had first session at January 2010 meeting and became a cluster in July 2010.
    • The group has been working on a dynamic decision tool catalog. The group has been collaboratively writing a white paper that will be used to solicit funding. There has been significant cross-agency interest and input into the white paper. The group is leveraging ESIP collaboration group expertise such as drupal and semantic web.
    • The cluster made the formal request to become a Work Group, in part to allow it to request seed funding for the decision support tool's development
    • The members on the were supportive of this request.
    • An electronic vote will be facilitated with the full Executive Committee before the June telecon
  2. Other Business
    • Committee Reports
      • C&B - Chris is meeting with Carol to discuss how to move forward w/C&B
      • P&S - Ken will push to get state of art docs from each of the testbed projects.