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ESIP Federation Executive Committee, January 13, 2010

Attendees: Chris Lenhardt; Brian Wilson; Rahul Ramachandran; Carol Meyer; Rob Raskin; Erin Robinson; Karl Benedict; Annette Schloss; Bruce Caron; Steve Berrick; Stefan Falke; Nancy Hoebelheinrich (guest)

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Lenhardt at 2:05 pm EST.


1. Welcome
2. Adoption of Minutes (Draft Excom Minutes)
A motion to adopt the minutes was offered by Karl Benedict and seconded by Bruce Caron. Without further discussion, the minutes were approved by acclamation.

3. EZId presentation (Nancy Hoebelheinrich) (File:DataSteward MDIDTestbed Wtr2011.pdf)
The Data Preservation and Stewardship Cluster has created a testbed for establishing a system for unique identifiers. The testbed is using a relatively small dataset of photos from the NSIDC. They have a recommendation to work with California Digital Libraries (CDL)'s program EZID, so that ESIP members can register their data products with unique identifiers. EZID is currently coming up with a business model, but the current plan is that it would charge members a nominal subscription fee and then EZID would provide IDs to for data products. Beyond 500,000 they would begin charging $0.05 per ID.

Questions/Answers (Unless specified, Nancy answered)-

  • Chris - Why not use CrossRef?
    • CrossRef limits the granularity. The testbed wanted IDs for each image and CrossRef stopped at the dataset level.
  • Karl - Where is the metadata associated with the ID located?
    • CDL stores the metadata, but it is up to data providers to maintain the accuracy of the metadata and update when changes are made.
  • Carol - How do the IDs differentiate different ESIP members?
    • ID is flexible, so could include ESIP and agency; Need to clarify.
  • What would happen if ESIP dissolved or no longer paid subscription fee?
    • Would need to have a way to transfer the IDs to the data providers
  • Karl - Discussion: Federation is not responsible for metadata, so may be difficult to maintain IDs
  • Brian - How do you issue DOI's?
    • Two ways - individually using a web service or through an API provided by CDL
  • Brian - Is this scalable? Are there benefits to using DOI vs. ARC?
    • Part of the testbed is to make recommendations on which type of ID to use for which type of data.
    • Chris - overhead is low for CrossRef
  • Steve - Is there an opportunity to participate in user WG for CDL? connection to DataCite?
    • Will check. Agreed that a more formal connection to DataCite is a good idea.

The Executive Committee agreed in principle that continuing the testbed would be a good idea, considering the low investment cost. Chris suggested that Nancy and the Data Preservation and Stewardship Cluster propose a more specific request for 1-year subscription for the testbed. This will allow the questions the Cluster has as well as the questions the ExCom raised to be explored and answered before making a decision about how to proceed.

Action Items:
* ExCom asked Nancy Hoebelheinrich/Data Stewardship Cluster to prepare a specific request for 1-yr subscription to EZID
* ExCom asked for Nancy to follow up on questions asked about specifics of EZID participation

4. Winter Meeting Debrief

  • Chris - feedback generally positive; theme was received better than expected and looking forward to seeing how the community responds to assessment. IT Ok just w/few exceptions; liked student support.
  • Karl - suggested going forward we have a dedicated person in the room to man the gotomeeting/webinar in addition to reporter

Summer Meeting Considerations – Charge to Visioneers (micropublishing kickoff; “student cluster”; contest?)

  • Bruce Caron added a suggestion to continue emphasis on Earth science/data science communication as ongoing theme
  • Date July 12-15, 2011.
  • First visioneers call is 2 EST Jan. 31
  • Proposed theme is Data and Information Quality

Action Items
* If you have summer meeting ideas bring them to the Visioneers meeting.

5. Website Redevelopment
Next week, Erin, Rahul and Sunil will compile an initial list of website requirements and map out an action plan for moving forward with the site. After that Erin will be following up with committee chairs to get an idea of site needs from committees/clusters. Stay tuned for that contact. Expect site to be live in the Spring.

Action Items

  • None

6. Other Business

  • Carol - Information: There will be a special call for nominations to committee chairs still open and a special election to fill these positions
  • Chris - Go through Winter Meeting Business Meeting and pull out actions for ExCom

Action Items
* Carol/Erin - Go through winter meeting business meeting minutes and ID actions.

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