ExCom Feb 2012

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Federation Executive Committee, February 9, 2012

Attendees: Karl Benedict, Matt Austin, Curt TIlmes, Patricia Huff, Becky Reid, John Scialdone, Ken Keiser, Chuck Hutchinson, Sayeed Choudhury, Annette Schloss, Carol Meyer, Erin Robinson

The meeting was called to order by President Karl Benedict at 2:02 pm EDT.

  1. Approval of January minutes - A motion to adopt was made by Chuck Hutchinson, with Ken Keiser offering a second. The minutes were approved by acclamation.
  2. Summer Meeting Planning
    • The summer meeting will be July 17-20, 2012. Registration is set to open March 15. Because of budget uncertainty and financial commitments that ESIP will be obligated to, early cut-off will be earlier than it has been in past years.
      • The University has coordinated with several nearby hotels to reserve room blocks.
        • Action - Map hotels and make sure that all are within walking distance. (Erin)
      • There will be an emphasis on training and workshops
        • There are a number of side workshops - DataOne, AZGS, SPG. Curt Tilmes also brought up the potential of a USGCRP workshop in conjunction
        • Action - Follow-up with University about available computer lab space. Follow-up with Yonsook about SPG meeting. (Carol)
    • Theme (http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Summer_2012_Meeting)
      • On the Visioneers call last week several themes were discussed. Ted Habermann brought up the cross-cutting theme of innovation and the framework identified in the "Innovator's DNA", which provides a large umbrella under which most ESIP activities can link.
      • Those on ExCom agreed innovation was a good, broad theme. Becky Reid suggested that the training emphasis also fit will with the innovation focus. Will take the innovation theme back to Visioneers for Monday's call.
      • It would be good to identify Meeting theme's a year in advance for planning purposes.
    • FUNding Friday - There has been some discussion in the ESIP community about how to memorialize Greg Leptoukh. One idea is to rename the micro-funding competition after him. After some discussion among ExCom, the group decided to think about alternative ways to honor Greg and will discuss at the next meeting.
      • Action: Follow-up with Steve Kempler and see if he has suggestions. (Carol)
  3. Committee, Cluster, Working Group Template - Karl Benedict proposed a draft template and explained the thinking behind the template to the group. The template is a way to systematically highlight ESIP outcomes, state-of-the-art accomplishments. The document is a little longer than originally anticipated about 2000 words. The group agreed that this was a good place to start.
    • Action: Products and Services, Education and IT&I have all agreed to take a stab at producing at least 1-2 total documents as a way to test the template. (Ken, Matt, Becky)
  4. Committee Updates
    • Products and Services testbed - Ken Keiser described the architecture that the testbed will pursue with development occurring in the space the testbed is most comfortable with, code being deployed to GitHub, a common social repository and then launched in a operational way on an ESIP host. The ESIP host is a general web hosting space. This method gives ESIP more control over it's investment and will provide an accessible way to use testbed activities.
      • Action: Erin will follow up and have this set-up for the P&S call, Monday.
    • IT&I - Matt Austin reported that IT&I had their first telecon two weeks ago. The first action from this group is working with the ESIP collaboration areas identified as relating to IT&I to establish clear mission statements for what each group does.
  5. Other Business - No other business.

Motion to adjourn made by Annette Schloss and seconded by Ken Keiser. The meeting adjourned at 3:08 EDT.