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The greatest advantage and disadvantage of this MediaWiki tool is its power and flexibility. As we become accustomed to this tool we may want to establish some policies to maintain its effectiveness. Here are a few to get us started:

  1. Register and create a user page for yourself. It may be useful to list a common set of descriptors listing your interests and areas of expertise. Here is an example of my page: HowardBurrows
  2. Groups can establish a page to use to alert their members of upcoming teleconferences and community activities. Members can then click on the "watch" tab that appears above the page when you view it in the wiki, and arrange to have an email sent to themselves whenever the page has a major edit.
  3. We can agree to use extensions on page names to show the sort of relation the new page has to the paragraph it links from. As an example, in this item we might use something like:
EWC3_idea, EWC3_disagree, or EWC3_question