Education Data Center

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Education Data Center

Report by Bruce Caron

What are the main problems educators have in accessing data:

Infrastructure; Technical snafus at the schools; Size of data sets; lack of thematic content; data discovery problems

Issues in creating an Education Data Center:

1. the data are frozen, whereas in science the data change all the time.

2. Providing different resolutions for different access speeds

3. Handheld devices

4. Data fusion examples can be productively “frozen” to assure they are available

5. Persistence for DATA and Interfaces

6. Improving Data Discovery

Working with DAACS/Agency Data Centers:

1. Data Centers may change policy about supporting education

2. Data Centers need metrics; we should flow back our metrics to them

3. Data Centers might be able to coordinate an internal Educational Center service with the main Ed Data Center

Services on top of Education Data Center:

1. GeoBrain

2. EET and Data Sheets at Carleton

3. GCMD; ECHO; THREDDS… catalog services

4. Other?

Next Steps:

1. Working on the NSF Cyberinfrastructure grant

2. Education Committee as the home for longer-term governance of the Ed Data Center