Education:Telecon notes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Monthly Call – September 13, 2016

Participants: Dan Zalles, Alan Gould, James Acker, LuAnn Dahlman, Johanna Bozuwa, Patricia Reiff, Shelley Olds

September 13 Agenda

  • Organization: Updated Education Wiki Page
  • Presentation Schedule
  • Activity template and testing: Preston Lewis
  • Announcements


  • Changed the Wiki page to clean it up to make it more user friendly. We decided to continue with the ESIP Wiki, as compared to the commons because it best fit the Education Committee's needs.
  • Please use the Suggestion Box to help us determine the Agenda Items for each month. Johanna will get them the day before the meeting and assemble the Agenda.

Presentation Schedule

  • NSTA -- Denver: Shelley Olds and Soren Scott (past)
People were interested in the drones and wanted to increase their pedagogical knowledge. Received an average score on “meet my needs.” What are their needs? Would like to return to the respondents to figure out what would be more helpful.
  • NSTA -- Minneapolis: Margaret Mooney
  • NSTA -- Portland: Preston Lewis and Shelley Olds
Shelley will confirm availability.
Action: Shelley to email for confirmation from Erin on travel funding
  • NSTA -- Columbus: Shelley Olds
We are not listed yet. Need to make it through the safety loop, but it is in process.
  • AGU – San Francisco: Shelley Olds and Margaret Mooney
They will be talking about their efforts at that event.

Activity Template and Testing

  • How long do we want it to be?
The First Draft will be a power point template
Need to get funding to get an editor, illustrator, markup – this will increase the number of learners interested in using it.
We can have people take the same activity and best try to apply – the How much weight can your drone take on?
Action: Take one of the activities and put into a template: Shelley, Dan, Margaret, and Preston. Due in two weeks and then can send out to workshop participants to provide feedback. Thursday, September 29th (12 PM Pacific Time) – Johanna to send out the invitation
  • Action: By November have a working draft of the eBook
Need to ask the participants if they have any feedback for us AND what would incentivize you to continue to be involved?


  • Giovanni Workshop, November 15-17 (James Acker)
Target Audience: educators interested in using remote sensing data. Each day will have 4 presentations (45 minutes each)
  • NSTA National - Pat will have a booth for the Dome and is happy to put out materials and handouts. Will be highlighting the total eclipse that is coming out.
  • Small instrument packages and UCAR – maybe invite Randy Russell for our next ESIP meeting