Earth Sciences Pre-Prints

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
Welcome to the Earth Sciences Pre-Prints Cluster


A ‘preprint’ can be defined [1] as a manuscript draft that has not yet been peer reviewed for formal publication. Authors share early versions of their work, solicit feedback, and work on revisions prior to their formal submission for peer review. The sharing of preprints is a positive development for open scientific collaboration.

Preprints and their associated infrastructures are receiving increasing attention these days for being an integral part of research communication and open science. ESIP's Earth Science Pre-Print Cluster will explore issues surrounding an Earth Science preprint service. Cluster members will address topics such digital publication, indexing taxonomies, citation standards, advertising, and related issues surrounding shared governance and community building. We will explore the technical components of a shared infrastructure along with the social aspects of community usage. Following the selection of an appropriate infrastructure, the Cluster will serve as an overarching advisory group interfacing with the ESIP, and broader Earth Science, community on the pre-publication of data and research in the Earth sciences.



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